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What’s coming? New places to eat and drink

richiesThere’s some cool new places in Fresno gearing up to open that I’m dying to tell you about. It’s a little too early to do a full newspaper column on some of them, but Beehive readers like to be in the know, so here’s a preview.

Richie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs. This Tower District restaurant should be opening any day now. It will sell pizza by the slice and whole pies, along with gourmet hot dogs. It’s in the space that used to be Scoop’s ice cream.

Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen. A few folks have seen this one on Facebook and said “what?!” This business with the tongue-in-cheek name is a craft beer bar in the work. “No bodies, no pastrami, just beer,” says Ephirman Bosse, who is behind the project. He used to own Fresno Brewing Company and is the bartender at Gazebo Gardens food truck nights.

Chili’s is building a new restaurant in the former Baker’s Square spot at 3585 W. Shaw Ave. near Marty Avenue. Chili’s isn’t talking, so don’t we don’t when the restaurant will be up and running, but the building permit confirms that it is a Chili’s being built.

Responses to "What’s coming? New places to eat and drink"

Stephen says:

Saw Rich last night, he says it’ll be more than a few days to open “Richie’s” – he’s having contractor issues.

I can’t wait, I hope the food is as good as hoped for – I loves me a great hot dog and pizza.

Brian Addison says:

Heard that a Olive Garden is going in the El Poseo shopping on Herndon

JJJ says:

Theres a new coffee shop on the fulton mall

Donald says:

Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen. Cant wait for 7 dollar pints !

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