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Tonight: The Knuckleheads of Comedy featuring Zhivago Blea

bleaZhivago Blea doesn’t have hobbies. He has obsessions. He went pier fishing once and bought a book on tying knots just to be prepared. He’s been a working DJ and a clown (he taught himself to juggle and make balloon animals).

His career in comedy started the same way.

“I just get into stuff. And when I get into stuff I really get into it,” says Blea, a Los Angeles based comedian, who’s been featured on Gabriel Iglesias‘ “Stand-Up Revolution.” Blea headlines a comedy show 9 p.m. tonight at Bottoms Up Nightclub, 4113 W. Swift Ave.

He didn’t jump into the business without doing his homework — quite literally. He started by working bits into casual conversations. When those got laughs, he tracked down and took a class in stand-up comedy. After graduation, he started looking for stage time, making connections with other performers — but he only performed once a month of so.

“And then people want to start paying you,” Blea says. He always told them to watch his set before they made that kind of commitment. He has to remind himself that this is sort of his job now. “I just keep doing it and doing it and realize I’ve been at it for awhile.”

And he’s still building his show and waiting for the day when he can pull a Dave Chappelle and do five hour of material and kill it the whole time.

That’s the dream, he says. He’s having fun in the meantime.

“I would rather be on stage for $50, than playing songs for $500 at a quinceaƱera. I like the camaraderie. I like to hang out in parking lots and smoke out.”

Tickets for The Knuckleheads of Comedy featuring Zhivago Blea are $10 and expected to sell out. Noe Castillo and Andrew Steele open. Steve “Smokey” Olmos will serve as the night’s host.

Responses to "Tonight: The Knuckleheads of Comedy featuring Zhivago Blea"

Stephen says:

It’s a small club, so it will fill up.

It’s NOT on Swift. It’s at Ashlan and 99 in that mini-mall by that Jack in the Box, just before the 99.

Valerie Ramirez says:

Is it possible to get this article on paper? Or a letter head. Show was awsome. I would like to Give it to headliner as a gift. Thank you. I Wull Pau printing cost If need be.

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