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Brandon’s back

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Here’s how long Brandon Delsid has been conducting his on-again, off-again talk-show relationship with Fresno: This isn’t even the first time I’ve used the headline “Brandon’s back.” (I used it in October 2012 to herald the second season of “Basically Brandon.”

(I was going to try something different this time around, like “Brandon’s knee,” but figured only about four people would get the joke.)

The energetic Delsid returns to kick off his third season at 10:30 tonight with his secret-weapon co-host, Camille Gaston, on Producer Kylie Briggs fills us in on the lineup:

Our season premiere will feature a slew of local actors including Mark Norwood, Peter Allwine, Heather Price, Greg Ruud, and Broadway actress Sara Gettelfinger of shows such as “Nine,” “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “Seussical” and more. She’ll give us the scoop on her time here in Fresno and what she’s doing next in New York.

Congrats on your third season, Brandon and Camille. Any chance you’ll nab Sally Struthers as a last-minute guest after she’s done tonight with “Dolly”?

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