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Connecting kids with the Fresno Philharmonic

The Bee’s Eric Paul Zamora was on hand yesterday at the Saroyan Theatre for a fun (and very cute) outing: thousands of third and fourth graders from the Central and Fresno unified school districts playing recorders along with the Fresno Philharmonic.

More than 7,000 students participated Thursday and Friday in the two-day event, titled “Link Up: The Orchestra Sings.” The orchestra has long offered special performances for schoolchildren, but this was the first time students got to play with the Fresno Philharmonic rather than just listen.

The children prepared four songs, including Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony. The orchestra presented the program in partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weil Music Institute.

What a great way to immerse students in music — and give them a musical debut they’ll never forget.

Check out the video above. And here’s a gallery of photos.

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