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Junk food review: Chicken & Waffles Lays

For those who appreciate the kitschy joy of consuming novelty foods: Yesterday I was at my cheapo-local boxmart, and decided to try one of the Lay’s brand flavored potato chips. Currently, Lay’s has a campaign called “Do Us A Flavor,” and they have a variety of novelty-flavored chips to try. If you create a chip and it’s well received, you could (potentially) win a million dollars.

One flavor caught my eye — particularly because my 10-year old and I happen to love this flavor combination. So I grabbed a bag and took it home for the family to experience.

crapThe flavor: Chicken & Waffles.

The conclusion: Horrifying.

The chips are thicker, Kettle-style in density, whose crunch and texture are perfect.  No qualms there. Visually, the chips have the deep-golden hue of bouillon and unsurprisingly, a light-brothy flavor. And that’s when the gross punches you in the face. Just as the soup-flavor can be discerned, an overriding oiliness coats the tongue, just slickery enough to leave the mouth feeling assaulted by a sickening aftertaste of maple syrup. Eew.

Every person in my household (and I have a ton of junk food fanatics at home) HATED these things. My kids are not discerning creatures — they’ve eaten the vomit flavored Bertie Bott’s Beans with less disgust than expressed at the Chicken & Waffle chips. My kids were literally offended. By junk food.

In fact, I have yet to speak to a single person anywhere who likes these chips.

My junk food verdict: Be ye not so stupid.  AVOID.

…I have higher hopes for the Sriracha flavor. Anyone else try these Lay’s flavors yet?

Responses to "Junk food review: Chicken & Waffles Lays"

Borat says:

People eat chips still anyways? Must suck to have so many kids. You’re almost forced into a devolved lifestyle than what you were raised as.

Lou V says:

seriously chicken and waffles? Yikes. Perhaps this may work even better?

Jared says:

The contest for these flavors took place about a year ago. Why is this article treating this as a new story? And this flavor sounds disgusting. No taste testing needed.

Rick Garcia says:

That thing exists? Seriously? Chicken and waffles? My goodness, what the world has turned into? What’s next, beef and pancakes? I’d go for this stuff instead.

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