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Five things you should do this weekend

Other than trying to get a glimpse of the POTUS

2-14-1`4-31. “Uke Nations
Jake Shimabukuro destroys whatever notions you have about the ukulele.

2. La Galaxy Vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Football season is over. This is a soccer match. American pro soccer, at that.

3. Dance in the Name of Love
A preview of Fresno Dance Collective’s Rogue show w/beats from DJ Mr. Leonard Timmy Blue.

4. This is Not A Love Song
Anti-Valentine’s dance party from the guys behind Meatball Magic. Even your girlfriend thinks this’ll be fun.

5. Beetles play the Beatles; love songs
The Beatles did love songs arguably better than anyone in pop music. Here the songs are interpreted (faithfully) by Fresno’s Faux Four.

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