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Oprah in Fresno – update on show air date

UPDATE: During yesterday’s show, Oprah showed a clip of her trip to Yosemite and said her show on the trip will air on Oct. 29. Here is a link to our original story, which I forgot to add on Oct. 1 when she was spotted in Fresno.

ORIGINAL POST: We just got a call that Oprah is at the REI store at River Park. One of my colleagues spotted her and said she heard: “She is heading to hills — Yosemite — with Gayle (and cameras) to camp.” The REI officials are tight lipped but Rick Bentley is on the hunt. Any sightings? Photos? Send them in.


Here’s the chatter from Twitter.

Responses to "Oprah in Fresno – update on show air date"

Bryan Harley says:

Can Fresno get some of that Oprah money?

Bryan Harley says:

I thought maybe she was visiting underprivileged youths in southwest Fresno.

Nah… shopping in River Park.

Stephen says:

I can’t recognize if that’s Oprah, but I can confirm it because that IS her bodyguard standing behind her. I got to work with her and Gayle awhile ago.

Heather says:

Well, according to those Buy Local commercials, Oprah’s tax dollars from shopping at River Park are helping Fresno.

So maybe we can ease up on her and River Park a little.

Ray Arthur says:

“Look under your log benches people … It’s a freeeeee RATTLESNAKE!”

may says:

We wish !

bradley says:


Beth says:

Hopefully, she has a good time camping.
I’m thrilled to see that Fresno is making news for something fun and exciting, instead of sad and depressing.

Tracy S says:

Oh crap that was funny!! Glad you said it!

Tracy S says:

Well I can confirm that that is gigantic camera in the face of someone (who looks like Oprah about to paint something)! How many people go shopping with THAT accessory?

Tracy S says:

She is shopping with a camera in her face? This camping trip will get sold to HBO or her network. It’s a reality show in the making. . .PULEEZ!

Mike Oz says:

It may have been ABC-30. I’ve seen them teasing that they have exclusive video insider her shopping trip.

Mike Oz says:

ABC-30 posted raw video from her visit on their site:

Lucy says:

That’s really neat, It will be nice to hear Fresno get mentioned on her show.

Oprah who cares what was judge judy up to since everyone knows she is the real reason Orpah is running away I mean retiring.

blake says:

I think Rick Bently should get some friends and they should all chase Oprah through a tunnel at high speeds.–That’s the cool way to chase celebrities.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Who cares? Oprah?….

Teresa says:

LMAO!!! EXCELLENT comment!

Chase Sanborn says:

That turned out to be a thunderstorm weekend in the mountains. Hope they still have good things to say.

Brandon Santiago says:

Hey, maybe I missed it, but I was wondering why there hasn’t been a post about the fact Bristol “the Pistol ” Palin was wearing a Fresno, CA sweatshirt during her rehearsals for Dance on Monday? During her segment they showed the sweater up close several times, probably got one while she was in the Valley speaking in Visalia.