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Win tickets to see ‘The Social Network’ – update

UPDATE: The winners are: erica, Garrett Bettis, Rosio, Nicholas De La Torre, Noe Rodriguez, 559rell, Amanda Allison, Jennifer, Michael Medrano and Michael. Winners were sent an e-mail. Congratulations!


We love the Internet. You love the Internet. None of us would be here if we didn’t. So when we heard about “The Social Network, the movie about the beginnings of Facebook, we thought, “Yeah, we gotta giveaway tickets to this.”

So we’re giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the preview screening at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Manchester Stadium, a few days before it opens to the public on Oct. 1. These are reserved seats, so while everybody else is standing in line, you can sit inside and update your status. You’re welcome.

To enter, leave a comment below and tell us — Facebook: Awesome? Annoying? Why? Deadline to enter is noon Monday. We’ll pick winners at random notified them by e-mail, so leave use a real one and check it. Official rules on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Ten winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see ‘The Social Network’ – update"

Kristy says:

Awesome to see what’s going on with your friends.

Michael says:

Facebook is both good and bad. It’s awesome in that I’ve reconnected with some old friends I haven’t seen in years. It’s also annoying when you have a friend who spams their business with posts to your wall and then gets pissed when you ask them not to do it.

Jordan W. says:

I’ve been wanting to see this movie alot

Adam says:

I think FB used to be awesome. When it was simple, uncluttered social networking, it was pretty nifty. Once it started getting inundated with dumb quizzes, games, and all the other useless crap, it started going downhill.

Whitney says:

I like Facebook so I can catch up with friends. But I will admit the ‘Hide’ button is the greatest feature on there.

kiel says:

Facebook: Annoyingly Awesome.

Manchester FTW

Jason Millar says:

Facebook: Awesome?
YES! Facebook very awesome. Before Facebook I had no idea what all high school girlfriends were up to. Before Facebook my friends & relatives could only embarrass me offline. Before Facebook I was tied to an 8 hour workday.

Facebook: Awesome.
the way that makes us less human.

Bryan Harley says:

Must win!!!! Facebook: definitely awesome, has changed the way we communicate.

dantom says:

I signed up for Facebook (or FB, as the “Old School” calls it) back when it was strictly for use by college students, right when it was first introduced at Fresno State… and then promptly ignored it.

Now I use it to promote my shows (*ahem* ) and so my boss at my old job can tell me what days he could use me to cover a shift about once a month or so.

I also keep it because seeing how many friends I have at one glance keeps my self-esteem on the up-and-up.

mdub420 says:

I hate facebook. It’s done nothing but ruin my life. I had a profile and I had a great time with it. I got to see how great and perfect everyone’s lives were. Then my wife starts hacking into my account and deleting girls who she assumed I was boning LOL. Only she thinks I’m a pimp. Then I started to get annoyed by all the posts from people talking about how much money, how much fun, and how much tail they get. It started driving me insane. So if I get lucky to win these tickets, I’m going to burn them. I hate facebook that much now.

Enrique Meza says:

After reading the book the accidental billionaires I found myself immersed in not only the building of a company but also of a person named Mark Zuckerburg. Now I am sure the book was not 100% accurate but even if half the book was true it lends itself well to a typical Hollywood movie betrayal, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Here’s hoping I get some tickets !

Mike says:

good!!! If youre a procrastinator, its the best invention ever…

Claire L says:

Would love to see this!

J town says:

Facebook is pretty Rad…don’t pick me..whatever u do youse Guy’s better not let me be one of the lucky ones who get picked To see this movie a few days before it comes out.just don’t! ;)

Ryan says:

Facebook is awesome… but only until MySpace makes its much anticipated comeback (I’m looking at you, TOM!!).

Ashley says:

Awesome to keep in touch with friends and family, awful when people use it to complain about everything.

Trisha says:

I like. I like to know what my friends now are up to and the ones that I haven’t kept in touch since high school.
Facebook movie with Justin Timberlake… a reason to love Facebook even more.


559rell says:

Annoying. Awesome… eh. Kind of annoying. Awesome things that sort of involve EVERYBODY become less awesome as the people u dislike start to have influence.

Kinda getting tired of the awesomeness… but, it’s still an awesome idea tho.

Michael Medrano says:

Facebook is the greatest thing since queso fresco! It’s the most efficient way to coordinate community events, promote yourself as an artist, and have mini-high school reunions. All that and a dash of big brother cilantro watching your social networking ass!

lisa says:

You know what, I absolutely hate Facebook, and I’m a college student. I think it’s absolutely annoying. No one needs to know ‘what you’re doing’ all the time. I think it’s stupid; BUT I do want to see the movie. I do like Jesse Eisenberg. So there ya go.

Arthur says:

Facebook’s great for getting ahold of my friends outside the city, but a tad irrelevant for talking to someone in the same area code.

w.r. square says:

facebook is awesome indeed.
but as tony sinclair of tanqueray fame warns, ‘always in moderation’.

MsJoey says:

It has the unnerving ability to revert a seemingly mature adult to high school status with the click of a button!

Malyssa Gilliam says:

Sadly facebook is one of the cornerstones to my existence. When it was down today I was lost. So, facebook is my life!

Garrett Bettis says:

I think facebook opened the whole world for an open market and where people can connect and express their ideas and opioins. It is one step closer to a world of peace.

katbon says:

At first, I joined Facebook to see what my employer was posting, Never commented or posted, only checked to see what others were saying. Now, I’m hooked. I almost went through withdrawals today when it went down. So yeah, I’d like some free tickets.

rosemary sambrano says:

i was never a computer person until they showed me about facebook now i love it ,im up all night on my facebook page doing my farming with friends and family.i so i can talk to my long distance family and high school friends thanks to facebook.

Derek says:

Don’t have it, don’t want it. But I am interested in the director and the story behind how it all began.

Lorie says:

I would enjoy seeing this movie.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Facebook has been fun and found some old high school friends and even relatives from the East coast who are on there like my uncle Leo. Would like to see this movie, too.

Danielle says:

Facebook is awesome AND annoying, depending on how it is used. Personally, I’m grateful it allows me to stay in touch with friends and family that I otherwise probably wouldn’t. Thank you for the tickets (I hope)!

erica says:

I love it. It is cool to get to talk to old friends and I wouldn’t know half of what is going on with parts of my family without it. Strangely enough it has brought some of us closer. I know that sounds dumb. On the other hand it is an easy way to see when you didn’t get invited to something and then I feel as much of a dork as I did in HS which is no bueno. I thought I was done with that crap.

Nina says:

Facebook is a double edged sword. It will eventually subside as something better comes along.

CJ28 says:

I like it for staying connected with friends. Also hate it for the amount of time I find myself using it=) Also hate that anybody can post a picture of anybody for the whole world to see.

brodiemash says:

Facebook is the most awesomest thing ever invented since the internet!

Larry says:

Sure I want to see the Real Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

Polly says:

Good and Bad I like both aspects…

gena says:

awesome. good or bad, it’s my main source for news/updates.

diejay says:

I am not really into Facebook, e-mail is enough for me, I don’t need to be on the computer anymore than I am now. I don’t need to know what people are doing everyday. So, I consider it annoying.

Lisa C. says:

Facebook: Dangerous

Not only is it highly addictive ( I am one of it’s many victims) but it also draws a fine line for some, who start substituting actual human interaction and friendship for “comments,” “likes,” and the every so coveted “friend request” haha

Beverly says:

This is my comment. Thanks in advance.

Kelli says:

Facebook is both awesome and annoying. I mean, I love hearing from my friends about what is going on with their lives, but TMI sometimes, yanno? Also, I don’t need to know what level of Fishville you are on, ok? It just means I feel sorry for you!

Obed G says:

I personally like Facebook but like Jesse Eisenberg said in Zombieland “The best thing about Zland… no facebook status updates. You know, Rob Curtis is gearing up for Friday… who cares?” You all have that one friend on Facebook that constantly updates his status like if it were Twitter. An other thing that bugs me about Facebook is when you comment//like someones status//picture it automatically notifies you everytime someone comments it as well. Other than that Facebook is great for catching up with friends. The Facebook chat is decent enough to talk to someone else and considering it’s free there really isn’t much to complain about.

Steve says:

Zuckerberg is evil. That is all.

W. Murdock says:

I would really like to see this movie, I was not excited in the beginning, but the more I see, the more I like.

TimY says:

Facebook a prime example of yin and yang. A balancing of both the positive and negative, not always successful but an organic process.

Old School says:

Started to join Facebook but lost my nerve. Just can’t feel comfortable with personal info sitting out there on the web.

Christy says:

I was a late bloomer. I joined Myspace in 2005 and admit it took me awhile to warm up (defect) over to Facebook. Mostly cuz I don’t like change…and also cuz I don’t like being one of those people who does things just cuz everyone else is doing it. Same with twitter. ;p

Rosio says:

Fb is awesome it has allowed me to stay in touch with old high school friends and my new friends. Facebook also allows me to contact family members from other countries an see what everyone is up to. The only thing that annoys me about facebook is that certain people treat it as if they were on twitter an letting me know their every single moments of their lives for ex. Going to the store, back from the store.

Teleka says:

Good because of the ability to keep in contact with people who live far away, but bad because of the reduced personal contact with those close, and near, to you.

Karen says:

Facebook is definitely awesome!

Jennifer says:

Facebook is awesome. It makes it possible for me to not have to go to my high school reunion.

Matt says:

I think Facebook is alright, though I don’t get as much out of it as others might.

Nicholas De La Torre says:

Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with old and new friends. People that say “they will never use Facebook” will get one eventually.

Brianna says:

Facebook is way awesome!

Teree says:

love it. Especially seeing old old family pics from cousins that live miles away that I might have never seen, finding elementary school friends and having a reunion, keeping in touch, and figuring out what a small world it really is

Flannery says:

LOVE IT!!! Makes life worth living!

Facebook its more than awesome, its amazing! Not only has it kept me in contact with friends and family, its also helped my blog tremendously (thank you facebook pages). Yay for facebook and expanding my career!

I find it interesting that Facebook is still scrambling to make a profit after engaging millions. Or so I hear…is that true?

Tudor Stanley says:

Simple: Facebook is awesome or else I wouldn’t have know about this giveaway.

bigbublefan says:

Awesome and annoying. Awesome to find friends and family and to keep in touch. Annoying when people update every 5 minutes… the bathroom, out to lunch, dog just got sick, blah blah blah.

mark says:

FACEBOOK: Awesome and annoying. Awesome because it provides a great service and it’s a technologically very cool. Annoying because people exploit it. I read the book a few months back and it was very insightful… I’m anxious to see how this moves to the screen.

Peter says:

Awesome, except when your parents want to become your friends.

joetheintro says:

It is good and bad. It’s is pretty crazy on how it is changing how we do a lot of things. I get tweets, facebook private messages, to go along with txts and emails. Very interesting story about facebook. I want to read the book as well.

mathew gomes says:

facebook: about as good, bad, dangerous, invasive, life-changing, life-destroying as any technology. it’s just a technology, and like most technologies, it’s value depends on who is using it and to what end.

Matthew says:

I have a facebook account… I go out of my way to ignore my facebook account…

It’s a bunch of people grew up with in high school who I didn’t know, and now I pretend to know because they’re my “friends”…

I am excited to see Rooney Mara in the flick though… :)

Mike B says:

The initial trailers were really annoying. “You’re friend is suing you for $600 million..oh is he?” I hope this movie sucks.

What’s next “The Napster Story”?