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You rate the look: Fashion Week dresses

New York Fashion Week ended last night, so I thought it would be fun to look back at a few of the creations from some of the top designers. I really like this dress from L.A.M.B, Gwen Stefani‘s line, for its color, print and flowing lines. And I love the neck line and the details on the Oscar de la Renta. My least favorites: Calvin Kelin’s red dress and Isaac Mizrahi’s print frock. Where’s the shape? These models look like they’re wearing upscale sacs. Bad!

What do you think? You rate the look.



Calvin Klein


Oscar de la Renta


Isaac Mizrahi


Ralph Lauren


Michael Kors


Donna Karan


Carolina Herrera


Responses to "You rate the look: Fashion Week dresses"

Heather says:

“Meh” to them all except the Carolina Herrera, which deserves a “barf.”

Kathy Mahan says:

I know, not the much wow in this year’s looks. And I really tried to find some.

Heather says:

I don’t know who this designer is, but I really like the stuff in her collection:

Kathy Mahan says:

I hadn’t seen that designer. Certainly a lot more interesting that some of the more well-known folks. I saw A LOT of neutrals. I know it’s a trend but it gets kind of boring.

Heather says:

I agree about the neutrals.

Chase Sanborn says:

No meat? No thanks.

Lisi says:

I love the Donna Karan and actually really like Carolina Herrera.

Natali says:

I could have sewn the CK one myself, and I CAN’T sew except for fixing a missing button. Is that supposed to be new, or fresh or unique? I don’t get it.

Of the choices, I like the Oscar De La Renta best, but could do without the pointy “thingies” (for lack of better term) on the top.