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The Sprawl Diaries: Campus Pointe


OK, Fresno State, you’ve showed us the plans and broken ground on your Big (with a capital B) new Campus Pointe project. With a 2,700-seat movie complex and 250,000 square feet of retail space, it certainly will attract lots of cars, that’s for sure. And you thought traffic on Shaw Avenue was bad already.

Here’s what I don’t understand: Why no parking garage? In this day and age, as we fret about water, global warming, loss of farmland, etc., you’d think the least the university could do with a new flagship complex like this is build up for parking, not just spread asphalt far and wide.

Responses to "The Sprawl Diaries: Campus Pointe"

JJJJ says:

The location is terrible. Due to the highway onramps, Shaw has 4 traffic signals in a row, which are impossible to time for greens. Youre guaranteed to stop once, if not multiple times, and that’s before the new shopping center opens and generates trips.

The center is designed to encourage visits from campus, but walking to campus would take an eternity through boiling hot parking lots that are only used on event days. There are no bike accommodations.

The freeway also means access is limited to one road. So now you want students to walk, but to walk they have to cross the road that will be flooded with vehicles. And while the roundabouts are safer for cars (vs other cars), they can be a nightmare for pedestrians as drivers fail to stop.

Not that pedestrians will ever walk from Clovis, because the on-ramps are a nightmare – badly lit, super wide, and fast speeds. And they wont walk from Fresno state due to the previously mentioned asphalt expanse of doom.

The center has a “progressive” design in that the stores appear to face a main street with parking in the back. Except the REAL street still gets a sea of parking to look at, and Shaw is completely ignored.

And finally, the seniors are set to live right next to the freeway, which has the highest rates of concentrated particulate manner. Thats a great way to kill people with asthma attacks.

….its another Fresno disaster.

Donald Munro says:

Thumbs up to this comment, JJJJ.

Gerard says:

I like the idea of the project but the traffic will be horrible, The developer should had start the Fancher Creek Project first.

soddruntlestuntle says:

This should project should never have been greenlighted; elements of this could have been built downtown, specifically the movie theatre. It’s high time that City Hall and the Planning (and I use that term loosely) start thinking about projects that make SENSE, not just CENTS…

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