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Concert announcement: Tool, March 14 at the Selland Arena

toolIf there’s one concert I hear lauded as the best ever in Fresno, it’s Tool’s 1998 performance at the Fresno State Amphitheater.

So news of the art-metal gods returning to Fresno next month, should be well met by hardcore fans.

The band announced a new set of dates on its current tour that includes a March 14 stop at the Selland Arena. Tickets are $49.50 to $75 and go on sale 10 a.m. Friday. VIP pre-sales are available 10 a.m. Thursday through Tool Army and 3 p.m. through the band’s website.

Tool sat at the top of the heap of ’90s alternative-metal with a series of dark, progressive, psychedelic albums including 1993′s “Undertow.” The band became known for its elaborate live shows (especially the performance style of frontman Maynard James Keenan) and disturbing videos.

The band took some time off in 2008, and Keenan has played with other groups, notably A Perfect Circle, though there are rumors a new Tool album is in the works.

Responses to "Concert announcement: Tool, March 14 at the Selland Arena"

Borat says:

Bro it was August 1997, not 1998. I was there and yes they went the f off. The Melvins opened that day and they kinda sucked like they do.

No word on an opener at those prices? Their ego hasn’t deflated any over the years. We could go into this whole thing where Borat finds them overrated being now OVER 20 years and they still can only manage 4 studio albums? But Borat actually really likes them and does not want to seem like a hater in any fashion or form.
But talk to any Tool-head and many would swear they’re better than Beatles, Zeppelin and most importantly sliced bread.

Borat says:

Maybe it was 1998 actually.. I swear it’s 97 though.

Borat says:

This is the best website btw for your setlists-of-yesterday on demand.

Borat was a-wrong it was indeeda 1998
That’s what happens when Borat go to 100 concert at least. Borat mind a-little fuzzy and buzzy and Borat he no drink. Loud booms and guitars grshhh grsshh make happy sound make Borat jump. a-heh you like? See you on March 14th. Jae Qui.

Borat says:

Borat remember 2002 concert.

No able to see Maynard. Was when they dive into artsy fartsy,
Maynard stand on rotating circle in back behind drummer.

Hope Fully Maynard get off his high horses so Borat can a-see him perform.

Also Borat has no problem giving Tool 75 dollars American at 2014 rates because someone needs to pay for the electricity bill on Maynard’s wineries while he away slaving for corporate man correct?

soularalous says:

Borat could u brinG redemption? An actual TOOLERO, my my! Here now, i thought it was may day all day these days … guess if we still got rebels with a sense of humor there may be hope yet. And if i may … now that the Los angeles venues are done, the fanbase culling conspiracy is in full effect, the last shows have been stocked with peanut galleries of half cloned stem cell soul sucked husks of head bobbers! Hollowed out hippies, i tell u. Could there be hope in fresno ??? Where was i going with this … wait for it, Oh yeah… parties on us entheogenesis here we come! *** glowing shirts? Hmm something to let us know each other, some kind of … code?

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