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Will a central Fresno Walmart change your shopping habits?

photo(62)In case you missed it, Walmart has announced it will open a supercenter smack dab in the middle of town — in the former Mervyns at Blackstone and Ashlan that’s been empty for five years. You can read the full story, but basically Walmart will open a store that’s a tad smaller than typical supercenters, and includes a full grocery store, clothing, toys and electronics — but no auto center. (Much to the relief of the GoodGuys Tire just steps away, I’m sure.) Work has already started. It will create 250 jobs and open this summer.

The news inspired a flood of comments on The Fresno Bee Facebook page and the story, from people saying it will chase away prostitutes and homeless in the area to comments from people who boycott Walmart. Others said they’d really prefer an Ikea there.

The one thing that’s for sure is that a Walmart there will change things. Will it change your shopping habits? Having such a store there is likely to draw some customers away from the nearby Save Mart, Vons and the Grocery Outlet right across the street. It might mean competition for the Target at Blackstone and Bullard avenues, too. Will it change your habits? Will you shop there?

Responses to "Will a central Fresno Walmart change your shopping habits?"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Geeze, how many Walmarts does Fresno need? This will do absolutely nuthing for MY shopping habits.

Molly says:

Will it change my shopping habits? Possibly. I am at the Fresno Petco store 1-2 times per week, and it will certainly be convenient to just zip over to Walmart to pick up a few grocery items, etc. as long as I am there. I probably won’t do my normal weekly shopping there, but from a location convenience standpoint, it will be handy once it opens. I do think that a lot of people who use the Fresno Area Express bus system (especially south of Ashlan) will appreciate having a Walmart in that location…. it seems ideally located next to Freeway 41 access, too. (So many of us are dependent on our cars and are quick to say that there are already “too many Walmarts” in town … sometimes overlooking the fact that some people who use the bus system may greatly appreciate this new location.)

Delaine Zody says:

I don’t shop at any WalMart so it really makes no difference to me. However, I am glad to see something go into that building. It has been sitting empty far too long. There are probably many in that neighborhood who will shop at WalMart and be glad to have it close by.

NoLa says:

I, and I am sure many other people would LOVE an Ikea store in Fresno. I think it would get a lot of customers. But it would probably be a tad bit smaller than the other Ikea’s I have been to. Too bad but they only seem to build stores in large cities :-(( What can we do to encourage IKEA to open a store here?

Bob says:

Just what Fresno needs…another Walmart. Maybe it’ll keep away the riff raff from North Fresno so they can shop closer to their own neighborhood now.

Lisa says:

I’m not usually on that part of town so I don’t see myself frequently it but I agree that anything is better than such a large empty building.

Marty says:

It is interesting in that Fresno may be a test market for a new Walmart strategy

Christy says:

Just got back into town, so I did miss it. I would only be interested if it was a 24 hour location… which I presumed all “supercenters” were, but evidently not. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to the Walmart closest to home (on W. Shaw Ave. near Hwy 99) where I shop at regularly :)

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