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Tonight: ArtHop

Lots to do at tonight’s ArtHop. I’ve already told you about Heather Anderson’s show at Fig Tree Gallery. Some more picks:

The Downtown Community Arts Collective is now known as P Street Studios. It features the renovated gallery space of artists Stephanie Pearl and Andrew Watrous, and for its first show features the mixed media art of Jason Plemons. Below: Plemons’ “Abstract Bridge.”

Abstract Bridge reduced

Alternative photographic processes are celebrated at Spectrum Art Gallery in the new show “One Off.” The artists in this group show have eschewed the ease of digital printing, turning to unconventional means to print a photograph. Methods include hand-salted paper prints, the toning of cyanotype images with tea and coffee, lumen prints (a cameraless process using black and white photo paper) and printing with platinum. Below: Bob Barks’ untitled work made with gold toned salted paper.

Bob Barks_untitled

At the Chris Sorensen Studio, the group invitational exhibition “WORD” features 60 artists riffing on text and language. Says organizer Edward Gillum: “Countries, couples, parents, children, friends, even ideologies struggle to communicate clearly. Words and language are tools to better use and hopefully bridge some of the gaps in communication.” Below: Terrance Reimer’s  “America: Eleven Picture Word Poem, 2009-2012.”

WORD installation

Another big group show: K-Jewel Art Gallery partners with Hadassa, the American Jewish volunteer women’s organization. Almost every piece shown will be for sale for a group exhibition. Proceeds will go to cardiac research and educating the public on a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Thirty artists will be represented, including Iris Duarte, Lise Rosenthal, Nancy Youdelman, Dixie Salazar and Evany Zirul. Music for the evening will be provided by the group FresMorim, a Klezmer band.

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Amelia says:

I just know there’s going to be some good music tonight at City Hall.

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