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Size matters to Matt Damon, George Clooney

South Korea ElysiumGeorge Clooney has a reputation for playing practical jokes on the set. Some of the tricks he played on the cast of his latest movie, “The Monuments Men,” will never be known because all of the actors had to sign a paper stating they would not reveal anything that might — or might not — have happened.

Clooney suggests there weren’t a lot of practical jokes as he was too busy directing and starring in the film. He says there wasn’t a lot but that leaves the door open for there having been a few.

Matt Damon gets around the agreement by pointing to another source. Each time Damon returned to the set, he noticed that his clothes felt tighter.

During the filming of “The Monuments Men,” Damon was bouncing between his home in New York and the shooting location in Germany.

“I READ somewhere that he (Clooney) took in my my wardrobe by and eighth of an inch every other day,” Damon says. “He knew that would mean I would be concerned with how to lose the weight. I thought it was really weird because I had been going to the gym.”

Clooney jumps in and says that Damon would eat a grape and think he was getting fat.

Damon looks at Clooney and says, “It’s nice to have friends like that.”

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Janet Klise says:

I enjoy tidbits like this one. Thanks!

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