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Movie Review: ‘Inception’ will blow your mind

I was lucky enough to see “Inception” on Monday night at Manchester Center. And I really mean lucky. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It has everything a sci-fi geek could want – amazing drama, building tension (so much so at one point I realized I was clutching my fist so tight my arm ached), cool special effects and a captivating love story. I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for this ingenious Chirstopher Nolan tale. I haven’t see a bad review yet. The Dumb Drum guys loved it. So have countless newspaper and magazine critics, including the Bee’s Rick Bentley who gave it an A. Here’s his one-minute video review:

All I can say, is you have to see this movie. It will blow your mind. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Responses to "Movie Review: ‘Inception’ will blow your mind"

Andrew says:

I have watched so many movies at this point in my life that I’m rarely excited to go to the theatre. (I hit the $3 shows, or watch DVDs.)

I’m excited to see this.

Kathy Mahan says:

I know what you mean. This one is worth it.

It looks really interesting. Memento was also a film where you had to be 100 percent focused the whole time and I loved it.
This seems to be a film with even more twists. I’m really looking forward to it.

Kristy says:

Soooo awesome.