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What did you think of the Super Bowl 2014 commercials?

Did you have a favorite Super Bowl 2014 commercial? It didn’t really seem like there were many whiz-bang home run commercials this year that made you laugh or were particularly clever. (Between that and the lackluster game I drifted off to the kitchen to make some lentil soup, so maybe I missed some good ones.) Here’s my top three favorites. What about you?

Reliving some 1980s favorites in the Radio Shack commercial was fun:

Volkswagen’s “every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 a German engineer gets his wings” was the most clever of the night, I thought.

And Audi’s “Doberhuahua” lived up the standards of Super Bowl commercials years past, I thought. The Sarah McLachlan part was priceless.

Responses to "What did you think of the Super Bowl 2014 commercials?"

Carol Miller says:

I thought the Tim Tebow commercial was very funny. I loved it, and I just bought a T-Mobile phone. :)

Fran Blackney says:

When my 49ers aren’t playing in the Super Bowl, I basically watch it for the commercials. I avoid watching any in advance although I couldn’t get away from the Budweiser puppy ad. I judge the commercials by how many laughs they get and how clever they are.

This year, they were mostly boring – very few elicited any reaction except to dip another chip in the guacamole. Dorritos as usual was clever and Radio Shack was fun. The others? My Kindle was more entertaining. But we hung in to the end of the boring game and guess what commercial was last – the Budweiser puppy one that I’ve already seen!

To get me to spend another February Sunday watching football, the 49ers better get cracking. Hear that Colin Kapernick?

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