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The fallout from the BRT vote yet to be seen

While we have yet to see the full fallout from last week’s 4-3 council vote, it looks like Bus Rapid Transit isn’t gone for good. Which makes last Thursday’s fiasco (if you doubt my wording, read the live tweets) seem that much more of a waste.

The silver lining here is what The Bee predicted in one of two editorials it ran prior to the vote: The council (or at least four of its members) have proven their intentions disingenuous and that their motives can’t be trusted.

Even those opposed to BRT shouldn’t see the vote as a victory. Because BRT was never the issue. Neither was the appropriation of tax-payer money. No, this was about something else. Council member Lee Brand said as much in this quote from Friday’s story in The Bee: “BRT wasn’t the issue,” Council Member Lee Brand said. “The issue was the general plan.”

As reminder, this is the general plan that the council approved in 2012. It’s the general plan that focuses on infill development and curbing sprawl and one which certain council members (and developers) now want to see changed (at a estimated cost of $2 million or more. As reminder, that will also be taxpayer dollars spent).

So, that is the kind of politics the city is dealing with. Here’s hoping it will be remembered by voters come June.

Responses to "The fallout from the BRT vote yet to be seen"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

I was there at the Council Meeting. The people of Fresno will never understand that theirs a lot of old money and old school frame of thot n the town. The leaders aren’t progressive enuf to take a chance. Plus the all mighty powerful arm of the DEVELOPERS control what happens behind the scenes. Sheesh. If BRT is such a big hit n Stockton n Bakersfield, then y cant Fresno have one. We r getn killed by these cities. As the Central Valleys largest city, sometimes Im embarrassed at the decisions the leaders make. Sheesh.

blake says:

The question comes up year after year for decades: who’s interested in the long-term/big picture health of our city, and who’s out to make a quick killing to line their own pockets?
I’d like to see the answer to this question lean towards the angels for once. C’mon Fresno, you can do it.

Kiel says:

One potential fallout from Thursday’s vote is that Clint Olivier is running for re-election this year. He voted against BRT. His major opponent is Mike Wells. Mike is in strong support of BRT. Hopefully, that will be a deciding factor in the election and make Clint a 1 term council member.

Josh Tehee says:

Ding, ding ding!
That would be the hope. Thanks for the update. This is info people need to know.

JJJJ says:

The council once again threw a whole lot of people under the broken bus. Those with disabilities who cant drive? Garbage. Those too old? Garbage. Those too young? Garbage. Those with income too low? Garbage. Thats the message the council has sent, and I hope those who got the slap on the face turn out next election.

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