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You review: P!NK


A huge crowd turned out for last night’s P!NK show at the Save Mart Center. It was a fun, energetic and creative show. One part concert, one part performance art and one part Broadway production, the show took fans on a journey through the many aspects of love. I really loved it. P!NK sounded great and looked amazing. She is fierce, sassy and strong. I’d see her again in heartbeat.

I’d love to hear from others at the show. Share your reviews in the comments.

I’ve included a few photos I shot on my phone (not the greatest, I admit, but the best I can do since we weren’t able to get permission to have a professional photographer at the show.)









Responses to "You review: P!NK"

Jennifer says:

We were in the nosebleeds way above the stage so I was excited to see your pictures as we couldn’t see the front. My jaw dropped so many times during Pink’s performance (the opening band didnt impress us so we walked around during their performance). The only thing I really was bummed out by was the t-shirt prices. $45 for a t shirt is beyond our affordability level…sad too because I really wanted a concert shirt. We ended up buying the overpriced $25 stuffed frog with a shirt that said Pink on it.

Pink had strength in voice and body. Her show was well worth it. The intro startled me and I grabbed my boyfriend’s arm for a second. Really a WOW entrance. She never stops moving for the entire show! She interacted with fans even while singing. The grand finale was another WOW moment. I don’t know how she can do all the acrobatics while singing!

This is one of my favorite experiences in SMC. We have now bought the bluray on Amazon so we can see if there are any differences and also to get a non nosebleed seat view of the show.

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