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A few changes create new optimism about Fresno

It’s often the mantra of interior decorators: A few improvements can make a big impression. I think it’s true for cities too. I know my drive to work (Hwy 168 to 180 to Fulton St.) is much nicer because of few changes in Fresno along the way.

I used to get aggravated along the 168 because of the rows of rotting trees left for dead in the fields of Granite Park. Several weeks ago the city cleaned up the area (photo below) and it really made a difference. Now, I see groomed fields in front of the former Cabo Wabo when I drive by. It’s not perfect — I know the buildings are abandoned — but at least there’s a sense that something can be made of the development. There are even a couple new businesses there. These fixes changed my impression. I no longer think decay. I think hope.


ironbirdoverview.jpgI feel the same way driving down Fulton Street. It’s amazing how much change has occurred in this little section of downtown. The Iron Bird Lofts have really given the area a new feel. Before it was built, I would drive by and hardly see anyone out and about. The building looked cold, unwelcoming. Now, there are lines of cars parked in front of the lofts. People sitting at benches outside enjoying their coffee. It’s easier to park and for people to get around. With the recent groundbreaking of Fulton Village down the block, I again feel a sense of hope for this part of downtown.

Sometimes we think it’s the big things that make a difference. But really, a few changes here and there can change impressions. That’s important. Has anyone else noticed changes like these around town? Share them here.

Responses to "A few changes create new optimism about Fresno"

Quentin says:

I agree, Heather! So nice to see these areas transformed. Took a bike ride yesterday from FCC down to Grizzlies Stadium via Fulton. Made a pit stop at the new Iron Bird Cafe. Congrats to KJWL and KYNO for the beautiful transformation of their new studio! Sad to see an empty MET, are there any updates on that situation? Directly behind the MET on Fulton is the old Theatre 3 building, a perfect performance space. Sure would be nice to see somebody take advantage of that!

Go, Go, Go, Downtown Fresno Revitalization!

Mike Oz says:

I agree, Ronald — yay downtown!

Quentin says:

Mike — who is Ronald?

Heather says:

I believe Mike was making a joke about you calling Kathy ‘Heather.’

Quentin says:

Haha! Sorry Kathy! I didn’t even notice it! Thanks for pointing that out Heather. I’ll take a closer look next time!

Heather says:

It happens. I’ve been called ‘Mike’ before.

Kathy Mahan says:

No worries. I just wish I was a witty as Heather. :)

Mike Oz says:

Yes, Heather was correct. I was being silly.

Tim says:

Cabo Wabo? I didn’t even know one existed in Fresno. It came and flopped before I ever noticed.