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‘Idol’ finale seemed more like an AARP convention for rock stars

beegee.jpgI stopped watching “American Idol” about six weeks ago because I thought this year’s crop of finalists were DULL. I can’t imagine buying any music from Lee, the winner, or any of the castoffs. Not watching was hard to the first week, but by the second week I really didn’t miss the show. I decided to tune in to the finale last night after much badgering from my husband (All the Facebook comments say there are good performances; it’s the last show with Simon; c’mon, he urged). What I found was a bit baffling.

Six performances were from people over age 55 (that makes them eligible for the New Wrinkles): Alice Cooper (62), Hall & Oats (63/61), Joe Cocker (66), Michael McDonald (58), Bee Gees (63/60) and Chicago (4 original members are ages 62-65).

carrieunderwood.jpgHuh? I thought this show was about the NEXT super music star? I’m not knocking these performers. They’re talented. I have their music in my collection. But I don’t really care to see SO MANY in one night, especially performing with an “Idol” cast that bored me to tears to begin with.

The show did have a few younger performers: Orianthi (25), Carrie Underwood (27) Kris Allen (24) and Christina Aguilera (29). But the average age of the major talent last night was: 51 (perfect for handing out AARP membership packets). I’m not sure who AI thinks is the target audience, but for a show where contestants have to be under age 28 it seems they missed the mark booking talent for duets this year.

There was a whole lot more that was strange about the night (Paula Abdul anyone!), but the old-timer jam fest is what stuck with me. I’m not sure this makes me want to jump back in next season.

Responses to "‘Idol’ finale seemed more like an AARP convention for rock stars"

Mike Oz says:

wtf is an Orianthi?

Chase Sanborn says:

Wow, what a Chronophobe.

Jody Murray says:

Underwood is obviously disguised as a Sleestak from “Land of the Lost.” The TV show, not the movie.

Talullah says:

Seriously, just the fact that these AARP-age performers are still capable of performing AND receiving applause and screams speaks volumes about their tenacity and longevity. I think the message for many of the newbies is that “you too can be legends and have long and wonderful careers and become part of someone’s music collection”. Get the chrono stick out of your butt and just enjoy the entertainment for what it is: ENTERTAINMENT. You didn’t like it, change it. I enjoyed it. AND I’M NOT AARP AGE!!! It was fun, there were surprises, hits and misses, but overall it was an Idol night. Unfortunately, I think Maurice Gibb’s microphone was off.

anonymous says:

I’m 28 and I appreciated the “over 55″ performances. I appreciate older music and they are “idols” after all. AI’s audience does consist of people of all ages so the music does relate to some. All these legendary performers started at square one before hitting it big just like these idol hopefuls are trying to do. New artists are unique and creative but the older artists give inspiration and are admired, a great mix for an aspiring musician. Thanks AI for being well-rounded.

Katherine says:

Talk about age discrimination. These people are great and they are American Idols in their own right. Last night was a great show.