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Win tickets to ‘Literary Movements’

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The contemporary dance group Caris and Company is gearing up for its big 7 p.m. Saturday performance, a concert titled “Literary Movements,” at The Grand in downtown Fresno. The show is an ode to literature and writers.

We’ll be featuring an interview with artistic director Jasmin la Caris in Friday’s 7 section. In it she discusses some of the writers referenced in the show:

Maya Angelou’s poem “And Still I Rise” inspired me to create a solo about overcoming prejudice. Juana de Ibarbourou’s poem “La Higuera” (The Fig Tree) is about encouragement so I developed a piece that takes place in a ballet class. My Co-Artistic Director Danny Moua’s favorite book as a child was “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. His choreography follows the relationship between a young girl and a tree.

The Beehive is giving away two tickets to Saturday’s event. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to see the show. If you’re so inclined, tell us what literary work you’d most like to see depicted in dance.

Deadline is 10 a.m. Thursday. Please don’t enter more than once. I’ll be informing our winner by email on Thursday morning, so keep a watch on your inbox. You’ll be able to pick the tickets up at Will Call. Rules are on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to ‘Literary Movements’"

Megan Dodson says:

The Giving Tree story was always one of my favorite stories when I was a child. I didn’t understand it then like I do now. The sad truth in the story is that the ones you love most can sometimes take advantage of your love in a selfish need of their own happiness. without realizing they are taking a part of you and your happiness every time. Still it shows that no matter how many times someone can take advantage of your generosity, love can be the healing for all the hurt. But that’s just what I think!

Crissy says:

Maya Angelou and Shel Silverstein in one night? I’m in!!!

Evelyn says:

My niece, Whitney Hord, has recently joined this dance company and I am very anxious to see her performance. She has been away studying dance at Cornish Fine Arts college. I haven’t been able to see her dance in person for quite a few years due to ill health. She has changed so very much since high school, Roosevelt, that I can hardly wait to see this show. Interpreting dance from the written word sounds fascinating. Maya Angelou leaves me breathless with her writings. Shel Silverstein was my daughter’s favorite poet when she was in school. We now read his poetry to her daughters, my granddaughters. I will be at the show Saturday night but it would be nice to treat a friend. Thank you

Jackie says:

I’m really looking forward to seeing the approaches to a diverse range of literary works. I love the idea of mingling children’s stories with more mature works through a collection of short dance pieces. In a short attempt to remember the reading I enjoyed as a kid…all I can seem to recall is “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” “Oliver Twist,” and “The Catcher in the Rye.” All would be interesting, eh?

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