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A whole lot of talk about butts

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Two words I never thought would become a regular part of my vocabulary: butt drag.

I feel like I’m being stalked by conversations about butts and butt parts. After this week, I now know more about butt anatomy than I ever wanted to. It’s all thanks to the ongoing court drama about a wrestling move that may or may not be deemed sexual assault depending on the perspective.

I heard and read about those two little words more than dozen times yesterday between news meetings I attend at The Bee, Facebook, Twitter and conversations with friends and family. There are buttons. There are letters to the editor like this. There are dozens and dozens of jokes. There’s debate. There are thousands of links on Google.

I get it, I find the story weirdly fascinating too. But how much butt talk can one person take in a week? Make it stop!

[Button: James Collier]

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Responses to "A whole lot of talk about butts"

Mike Oz says:

So what you’re saying is, you think somebody needs to plug the hole of the buttdrag stream?

floydy says:

i really wish you would have used the buttdrag breh button, kathy.

Kathy Mahan says:

A wise person told me the jokes just write themselves. Indeed!

Mike Oz says:

I cropped it. Poop on me.

There is something about this story that I just can’t put my finger on. Is it a typical back-door maneuver by the media to taint the sport of wrestling? Is the kid competitive or just a pain the in ass? Was this another example of a cross-over athlete confusing the rules, strategies and techniques of another sport (I mean, he was a former thumb wrestling champion)?

I really don’t know. What I do know is the whole situation stinks.

Please change the name of clovis to:

Buttdrag, California

“the gateway to the sierras”

hidden name says:

“the backdoor to the sierras”

Jason Millar says:

I give this story.. a thumbs up.

Jason Millar says:

Am I the only one who remembers the “Bullard Yankees” fiasco of 1990???

Heather says:

Oh, Kathy. Don’t be such a party pooper.

Danielle says:


kiel says:

Everyone loves a good poop/butt joke. But the question is: how far is too far?

ZDO says:

Great. Another reason for Fresno to be the butt of the joke.

Heather says:

You don’t want to jump right into butt joking. You have to ease yourself into it.

Kathy Mahan says:

I know, I know. At least I’ve give everyone a place to collect all their jokes. :)

melanie says:

At least it happened in Clovis, not Fresno!

Mdub420 says:

Did that involve something about activities going on in the back of the bus?

Heather says:

We can’t help it. It’s all that fine dairy air we’re subjected to here.

Travis says:

The second knuckle.

ed says:

sexual assault is funny.

Mike Oz says:

Sexual assault is not funny.
The fact there’s a wrestling move called the “buttdrag” is funny.

anon says:

“I get it, I find the story weirdly fascinating too. But how much butt talk can one person take in a week? Make it stop!”

Hey Kathy, I know of one way you could have made it stop. But it was just too tempting to get in on the fun, right?

Famous says:

Alleged sexual assault.

But, point taken.

adam says:

Too bad the only reason anyone around here is joking about the move is because someone may have been sexually assaulted by way of it.

kiel says:

It hurts more the next day.

Debi says:

Any word on whether the Bee is going to apologize for misrepresenting the facts on the original story? I haven’t seen anything yet. Did I miss it?

bradley says:

selective outrage is selective.

Mike B says:

Regardless: No more magic shows PLEASE

ed says:

i get why there’s jokes, and it’s an jokably named term. i guess i just have trouble with people joking about the term, especially in a very public forum, about a term linked with a sexual assault. i mean, imagine being that kid right now. how does he feel having his assault joked about on twitter, facebook, the beehive and beyond.

“Too bad the only reason anyone around here is joking about the move is because someone may have been sexually assaulted by way of it.”
(emphasis added)

I do not believe that is the case. I am certain it is not the only reason people are joking about the move. Some people are joking about the move because it is crazy to think the move actually exists. Many of us (well, at least me) did not know the move existed. Yes, we became aware of the move because of the media story about the alleged assault.

It’s kinda tough for you to have blanket knowledge of why a group of people are motivated to make certain jokes.

I am joking around about it because I am now aware a move like that exists.

Debi says:

Have you ever seen a live wrestling match? There are several moves in this sport that would make a non-informed person cringe. I think it’s more the name of the move, more than the move itself, that is catching everyone’s attention.

Not to mention that The Bee told everyone the wrong version of the move and has yet to retract or correct it. Instead they continue to butcher the facts… even today. SAD VERY SAD INDEED. Is it time for a boycott?

bradley says:

again debi? you never did explain what facts were misrepresented the last time you asked this. are you sure your name is not marla?

Famous says:

Also: Not to be all word-police on Kathy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not perspective that deems this sexual assault or not.

Debi says:

Yes, again, because it’s obvious The Bee is not doing their due diligence before publishing a story. Am I wrong? How so?

james says:

You’re right, ed. It’s a good thing no one’s ever joked about a donkey punch.

floydy says:

the argument that this isn’t funny because someone got fingered by a wrestling move called a buttdrag is like saying the antoine dodson thing isn’t funny because his sister got raped.

it’s funny because there’s a wrestling move called the buttdrag. someone had to get fingered for this to be actualized.

You can’t have the butt drag without a butt first being dragged.

Mike Oz says:

+ 1 to the Dodson comparison.

cjl says:

I wonder if the court day was moved because they felt the jury would be tainted by all the media coverage. (bwhahah!)

ed says:

is a donkey punch sexual assault? or is it consentual?

Chukknob says:

My dog has perfected the buttdrag across the carpet.

anon says:

Yeah, the Bee “clarified” themselves in today’s paper with what was probably their longest correction in a long time.

mdub420 says:

Wow, I didn’t think you would be a freak in bed. I could never get away with the donkey punch. You must have a cool chick.