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The most Bee-utiful store window in Fresno

The store window at CoCo Consignment — a mid- to high-end consignment store for women’s clothing, handbags and accessories at Fig Tree Plaza at West and Bullard avenues — is so cute and creative. Everything in it was made from Fresno Bee newspapers. Awesome!


I talked to local store owners Deidra O’Neill and Laura Bradhurst to find out more about the fun display. Laura says the idea started with wanting to promote recycling, which goes with the store motto of “Style savvy, planet friendly.”

“We wanted to do something where we were recycling. I came up with the bow and one thing let to another. I thought what a great window. I thought it would be fun and promote what we are about: Consignment is re-purposing,” Laura says.

In addition to the fun window, the store asked customers to bring in department store and brown grocery bags along with newspaper for a “rewards” program. The bags and paper are now being reused as Christmas wrap and bows. You can see by this display how these ladies made the newspapers look festive and fun with just a bit of spray paint.

The window will stay up through the end of the month. The owners change it about every 30 days. It’ll be fun to see what they come up with next.




Responses to "The most Bee-utiful store window in Fresno"

Mike Oz says:

I suppose that’s better than getting pooped on — ya know, cuz the animal shelters often use old newspapers in cages.

How much for the hat? I think you should buy the hat.

Kathy Mahan says:

It is handmade. It might be out of my range!

Heather says:

That’s really cool, and very creative. I like.