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Fighting Hunger campaign is getting intense

UPDATE 2: Fresnans are “liking” crazed. So much so, Fresno is back in the lead with more than 180,000 votes. Wow! You can read more about the campaign is today’s Bee story.

UPDATE, 5 p.m. Dec. 27: Mike Oz passes along that there are two community events Wednesday to help get more votes: Iron Bird Café on Fulton St. from 6am to 1pm and The Laundry Room on Palm and Nees from 1pm to 6pm. Computers and Internet devices will be available to sign people up on Facebook and help share the campaign.

ORIGINAL POST, Dec. 27: WMT_fight_hunger_c.jpgMike’s been keeping everyone up on the Walmart Fighting Hunger Together contest. Since he’s on vacation, I thought I’d give a quick update: Fresno was in the lead but lost ground to Salt Lake City.

Today, the local community is rallying like crazy to rack up votes on Facebook. Check this page out. And this one.

Dozens and dozens of posts are showing up to rally folks. Even if you’ve voted there are other ways for you to vote, such as liking other people’s “Fighting Hunger – Fresno” posts and posting comments on those posts. It’s been wild watching Facebook today and seeing the Fresno community work together to get more votes.

Hopefully everyone can keep it up and make a final surge for the $1 million this week!

Responses to "Fighting Hunger campaign is getting intense"

Margie B says:

Please help Fresno feed the many families who are going hungry.

Margie b says:

Please help Fresno

Oliver says:

The cause looks good but it also helps Walmart hiding some very inconvenient facts.
Before people hits their “i like” button, maybe a little reading would help.
see for example:

– Oliver

Heather P. says:

Right or wrong of me, I have ceased to expect corporations to operate as moral entities. (Which is why I believe the Supreme Court was very wrong to give them the same rights as individuals in terms of campaign contributions. I can’t have it both ways.)

But right now. . . in this moment. . . for PR reasons, tax reasons, whatever. . . the Wal Mart Foundation is offering a contest. With high stakes and little inconvenience to me. A contest that could significantly re-energize the organizations in our community that fight hunger. I’m a pragmatist. We have an immediate need. This could help that need. Our faith may be proven to be misplaced in the future, but in the now we want to help the needy in our community and this is a way to do it.

Grievances against the Wal Mart Corporation are better served by creating your own online campaign against them in its own right. But I respectfully ask others to refrain from stealing the thunder of a community taking advantage of an immediate opportunity to help the needy.

In a way, we all need this win, don’t we?

b2burns says:

Shame on you, Heather P., for your cynicism. If it wasn’t for corporate America, you would not have the lifestyle that you so smugly enjoy. You probably support a minimum wage which is now defined as a minimum living wage and thereby discourages businesses from hiring kids for whom it was intended. Wealth is created by individuals and organizations pursuing profits, a condition in which revenues exceed expenses. It’s your economically vapid mentality that regards wealth as a fixed sum and seeks to redistribute rather than increase it. You would be stunned to learn how much corporations contribute to your lifestyle just here in Fresno but that would take research and analysis, something you’re undoubtedly too lazy to pursue!

Dave says:

A bit jaded, one of the Heathers? Corporations are designed for one reason, to earn profits. Morality is for individuals, adhering to the law however is for everyone and every corporation. You libs think everyone owes you something.

Heather P. says:

Woah, b2burns, I think you may have misread me. I’m not cynical, I’m unsentimental. My post was in response to several individuals who have wanted to rain on the good wishes of people trying to win this money for our community– individuals who have gripes with how Walmart operates as a corporation. I am asking them to set that aside to see the immediate positive opportunity that this corporation is offering us.

Beyond saying that, I won’t address the unfounded accusations of smugness, vapidness, and laziness you’ve thrown at me. That would serve no effective purpose. And, as I said, I’m a pragmatist, not a reactionist.

erica says:

Uh, dave, b2burns? Missing the point, dudes. Big time.

Heather P. says:

I actually agree with you Dave. Which is why “I’ve ceased to expect corporations to operate as moral entities.” I believe I said that already.


Stephen says:

Whoa, Dude. WAYYY too harsh.

And this is coming from me, of all people. If *I* tell you you’re over-reacting and harsh, you definitely want to take it down…wayyyy down.

Heather’s comment was perfectly fine, didn’t take corporations to task very much, and was just a nice little reminder that Oliver’s comment might have been better placed in a different post…that right or wrong, good or bad, Walmart is donating a million bucks to a community that badly needs it, and all we have to do is help their very clever marketing campaign along.

Walmart is horribly suffering in PR among “libs,” and this gives them a highly positive short-term boost among a difficult target group for them to reach.

Walmart isn’t Sam Walton, and it isn’t the devil, nor is it an angel. It’s a store. A big-ass store that gives me the anxiety shakes every time I’m in there from sensory overload.

But I’m still a’clicking, because, as HeatherP says, ‘…with high stakes and very little inconvenience to me’ we could bring a nice boost to the Fresno community.

I’m all in for that.

Claire L says:

I’m going to wear my hypocrite hat proudly.
I dislike Walmart. My family calls it The Nexus of All Evil…
and I’m clicking away.
If they’re going to give away some of that blood/sweat/tears money to feed the hungry then I’m going to work to help it come close to home.

( and I’m a total liberal/hippy/organic/anti chemical/ anti big corporations freeeeak ) BTW…I don’t think anyone owes me anything but an apology. ;~)

Claire L says:

I also realize I wrote “hippy” instead of “hippie”.
Well, both are true.

SBR says:

I agree with you, Heather. I don’t think this is about Walmart’s altruism. I think it’s more about a brilliant social media campaign. All of us acting like little rats hitting the “like” button to get our vote for cash. Having said that, well, I’m happy to play the role of the rat if it means we win $1 million to help feed the food challenged in our community. Will I shop at Walmart? Nope. But I’ll be happy to take their money. And I’m happy to “like” if that means we can help those in need.

Side note: There is an additional benefit to this social media campaign. I think this campaign, like the Google Fiber campaign, helps the community to lock arms to support Fresno together. There is an increased sense of community and hope. That may be the biggest benefit of all.


@yagrrb says:

Dang. I’ve been so proud of Fresno today. Wish I hadn’t read these comments.

Heather P. says:

As a commitment to Fresno’s pulling together for this win, Travis Sheridan ( promised that if Fresno got to 500,000 likes by midnight, Wednesday he’d get a tattoo of the Fresno Flag on his calf. Fresno reached that goal by 6 p.m.

His appointment is at Tower Tattoo, Thursday morning at 11 a.m.