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You Rate the Look: People’s Choice Awards

It’s award show season and that means we’ll have lots of fashion to critique over the next few months. We can start with last night’s People’s Choice Awards. Most stars tried to dazzle wearing cocktail dresses. There were lots of softer colors and a lot of white. My favorite was Selena Gomez, who looks cute and not over done for her age. Least favorite: Amanda Michalka. That dress looks like someone forgot to attach the skirt.

What do you think? You rate the look:

Selena Gomez:

The Kardashian sisters:

Emma Roberts:

Miranda Cosgrove:

Raven Symone:

Taylor Swift:

Malin Akerman:

Tiffany Hines:

Kaley Cuoco:

Amanda Michalka:

Lucy Hale:

Kathy Griffin:

Kate Walsh:

Ashley Benson:

Pauley Perrette:

Lara Spencer:

Responses to "You Rate the Look: People’s Choice Awards"

erica says:

I love Lara Spencer’s dress. It is so beautiful. I am really drawn to Kloe K’s dress. It’s very dreamy but I find the picture of the three of them odd. I know she is taller but the proportions just seem way off. I also really like the other non Kim girl’s dress. I may be one of the only people who don’t know all of their names. Malin’s dress is simple and pretty as well.

Tania says:

I really like Selena Gomez’s dress and hair, although accessories could have been better. Miranda also could have improved her look with different shoes. Raven’s look is very fashion forward, I’m on the fence about it, but her hair and makeup look gorgeous. Taylor’s dress seems odd, revealing in strange places, although the skirt is nice. Pauley has the perfect look for her body, showing off those mile-high legs, and the bangs are adorable.

Michael says:

Maybe it’s cause I have a huge crush on her NCIS character, but I think Pauley Perrette looks gorgeous. I still don’t believe she’s in her 40′s.

Stephen says:

Kaley Cuoco ftw.

Kathy Griffin can’t afford an iron?

And I agree, Khloe K can’t pull off that look.

Taylor Swift, peach ain’t your color.

Raven Simone actually did dress for her body.

As for the rest, Hugh Grant and $60 and their night is fulfilled.

jessica says:

Didn’t see the awards, but Kloe K looks gorgeous in this picture. No, I’m not being ironic.
I also think it’s awesome that both her sisters are wearing platforms & she still towers over them.

Rebecca says:

Selena Gomez looks so sweet!

Jennifer says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t think Pauley Perrette looks super great? I’m neutral about the dress. But I really feel if you’re going to wear that kind of super high cut in the front look, your legs better be on their A game. Her top half is a shade darker so she spent the proper time with a bottle of self tanner but ignored her legs which are so prominently on display.
As for Khloe K, I really wish she’d wear more form fitting clothes. I get that it must suck that your two older sisters are super teeny tiny and people refer to her as the “fat” one, but she’s got a great body and she often wears really flowy clothes, she’s truly curvy and not “voluptuous in the important places but super tiny waist and thin limbs” curvy. Beautiful dress but come on, show off those real curves!