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You rate the look: DWTS dress collection

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” and dressmaker La Femme have teamed up for a new collection of dresses called “Dancing with the Stars by La Femme.” The dresses, which will cost between $348-$598, can probably be found locally at Mia Bella Couture, which La Femme lists as its local retailer.

The collection will be available later this month and will feature cocktail and evening dresses “inspired by the show” featuring “luxury” fabric. Here are a few images passed along in a press release. What do you think? You rate the look:






Photos: La Femme

Responses to "You rate the look: DWTS dress collection"

Heather says:

Luxury fabric, eh? These dresses look cheap.

Stephen says:

I really like the look of these dresses, but I’m with Heather – these look like $50-$100 dollar dresses.

That ‘luxury fabric’ doesn’t translate well onto photos, methinks.