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Burger eating challenge: Can you pig out as much as John Candy?

Old 96er Food challenge 007This gluttony food challenge has it all: A burger with nine patties, John Candy and local history. Let me explain. See, the 1988 movie “The Great Outdoors” and its fictional Lake Resort Pechoggin was filmed at and fashioned after The Pines Resort at Bass Lake. In the movie, John Candy attempts the “Old 96er” challenge of eating a 96-ounce slab of steak. A clip of his character Chet shaking and sweating his way through this disgusting feat is below.

In honor of this, Ducey’s Bar & Grill and chef Johnathan Frabotta have created the Great 96er challenge. This Saturday a few brave souls will attempt to eat a burger with nine 1/3-pound Angus beef patties, six slices of cheddar cheese and all the fixings, along with a pound of french fries with the restaurant’s blazing saddles sauce. If you can eat it in 30 minutes, you win a cash prize (how much depends on the number of entries), a T-shirt, a night at the Pines with dinner for two, “eternal glory on the wall of fame” as the press release says and probably heartburn (the press release doesn’t say that part). Second and third place winners get $100 and $50 gift cards, respectively. Sign up between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. or do it ahead of time by calling Erin at (559) 642-3121, ext. 438. There’s a $35 fee.

Responses to "Burger eating challenge: Can you pig out as much as John Candy?"

Traci Arbios says:

What about chronic stomach upset? Do you win that, too, or is that free to every entrant?

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