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You rate the look: Travis Sheridan’s singlet

Travis Sheridan gave the Beehive bloggers a little ribbing, including my fashion posts, during his Pecha Kucha presentation at the birthday bash last night. At one point, while mocking the whole butt-drag controversy, he tore off a bathrobe to reveal this daring singlet. A gutsy fashion move? Or a moment he’ll regret for the rest of his life? (I mean really, Beyonce is probably the only human who actually looks good in one of these bodysuit getups.)

So I thought it would be fun to give the Beehive community the opportunity to critique his outfit. So what do you think? You rate the look:


Photo: Donald Munro

Responses to "You rate the look: Travis Sheridan’s singlet"

Mike Oz says:

AC Slater on “Saved by the Bell” wore it better … but bravo to Travis’ bravery.

Thanks to Brodiemash, there is video of the Pecha Kucha.


@dollgina says:

HOT! (But don’t ever wear it again, k? Please?)

Haha…I guess that is why I was relegated to sharing the stage with Screech instead of Slater.

Stephen says:

Beyonce has better boobs. Barely.

But Travis wasn’t afraid to stuff the front, if’n you know what I mean.

The Pecha Kucha itself made me laugh a bunch. Screech didn’t make me laugh at all. So that’s one up for Travis on screech AND Beyonce.

Had to stuff the front to maintain the mystery…Screech was very un-funny. He was a great guy to BS with 9actually very nice and engaging).

The funny thing is, I’ve had that “singlet” parody in my back pocket long before #buttdrag. Timing is everything.

Heather P. says:

It was a bold look, but Travis pulled it off with what every fashion icon needs: a confident smile and balls of steel.

(Yeah, I just set up a straight line. Who’s gonna take it?)

Christy says:

Loved it. Thought his performance was hilarious! ;p

Travis says:

Who’s gonna take what? Are you referring to my member?

mdub420 says:

Thanks for the shout out!! I watched the video this morning while setting. I’m serious when I say I would vote for Travis for mayor. I couldn’t make it to the party because my wife doesn’t let me have friends, and I had to work.