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What should replace the World Sports Cafe?

WORLD SPORTS CAFEYesterday’s shocker that World Sports Cafe has closed is still sinking in. The River Park bar and restaurant’s lease was up and owner and former San Francisco 49er Tim McDonald closed the business to focus on his new job as defensive backs coach with the New York Jets, his colleague said. The closure opens up a prime piece of Fresno real estate for something new.

As we learned with the survey River Park did for the Borders space — which clothing retailer H&M will take over — public input really does play a role in who gets that space. So, what would you like to see in the World Sports Cafe space? I’m sure we’ll get plenty of chains as answers, but don’t forget local businesses. Any you think could flourish there?

Responses to "What should replace the World Sports Cafe?"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Please let me just stop anyone rite now whom mite think that ESPN or D&B may ACTUALLY go n that spot bcuz IT WONT HAPPEN.

sinoatrial node says:

is there a foundation for your argument or are u just talking to talk?

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

I just think that the people that expand these types of buzz do research on demographics where they wana expand too. Pop density, median income, disposable income of an area etc. And i just don’t think Fresno cab support either ESPN ZONE OR D&B.

John E says:

Buca di Beppo!

Bob says:

Here we go again with Fresnans hoping for another chain establishment to come to River Park…

sinoatrial node says:

how that does present any issues whatsoever?

Christina says:

I absolutely think that what Riverpark is missing is a great bar. Sure, there is the Yard House, which is another chain, but the hit and miss food and expensive prices become a drag. There is really nothing that is showcasing our local produce not to mention the local micro-breweries and wineries, with exception to Westwoods across the street.

I would love to have a bar like Sequoia move into that place. Nothing too flashy or pricey, but good beer and a great hang out for locals enjoying a night out. Riverpark definitely needs some homegrown flair. That spot is a great location and if done right, will bring back some much needed adult nightlife back to Riverpark.

Dana says:

In my opinion Riverpark over did it with the boutique/clothing stores. There needs to be more of a mix of nightclubs and restaurants as well as theatre. It should have been modeled more after The Block in Orange County.

ct says:

I think buca di bepo is a good suggestion, I hear joes crab shack is sniffing for a location, I think it would be wishful thinking an affordable local would go there based on rents in that center.
tilted kilt would give yardhouse a run for their money. il fornaio would be great.

Jose says:

Would love to have a Dave & Busters! That would be great. Or even Tilted Kilt! They would give Hooters a run for their money!

Suz says:

How about a Mongollan BBQ restaurant. They have these in many major cities. Several raw fresh vegies to choose from, noodles, various meats, a sauce bar with recipe cards to help mix your own sauce, then take everything you have choosen in your bowl over to a large wok where it is stir-fried on the wok. Delicious, individualized and nutritious. Our family loves having this when going to LA.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Yea Jose and CT. Its prolly gona b Tilted Kilt. They already been lookin around the Fresno Market.

Joe Smoe says:

Does Fresno have enough good looking women for both a Hooters and a Tilted Kilt ?

George B. Feist says:

How about the DOG HOUSE GRILL?…the parking is sure better at River Park. Another chain idea–RUBY TUESDAYs.

Jeremy Brownstein says:

Native Foods Cafe! The chain does extremely well in So-Cal and in other parts of the U.S.

John E says:

Nothing wrong with chain establishments…jobs are jobs, and while it’d be nice to have more local, that also sometimes might mean less stability.

I’d love a Joe’s Crab Shack…

We could always use a Cracker Barrel too!

Jay P says:

One thing Fresno lacks is a true French Brasserie style restaurant. There are lots of restaurants that fit the “bistro” model well enough (if not technically functioning as true bistros), but I am thinking that a restaurant that combines French and some Mediterranean cuisines would do very well here. The brasserie style is basically “accessible French” food that is open until 2-3 AM, serves great drink/wines, is somewhat upscale in decor, but is utterly lacking in pretension. Lots of steaks and chops. A few outdoor tables. A “sort of” version of this is Max’s in Palo Alto. It would be an ambitious project, but the bones are there.

hasmig says:

Do you honestly think public input played a role in bringing H&M to Fresno? The deal was done way before the banner with the QR code went up!

Joel R says:

I like the DOGHOUSE GRILL IDEA (George B’s Idea), but maybe more of a bar atmosphere. More taps and selection. Having two Doghouse Grills would be super cool.

Mary Vaux says:

Ruby Tuesdays is a lot like TGIFridays. It might work as getting into Fridays can be a pain with the parking. Tilted Kilt would probably do well . Saw them on Undercover Boss and the food looked good.

LINDA E. says:

Commercials that run on television frequently advertise restaurants that are not even located in Fresno. One such restaurant is, “The Crab Shack.” I can only judge from the commercial itself since I have never eaten at one before, but the food and atmosphere looked like River Park would make for the ideal location for this restaurant. A nice seafood restaurant would be nice!!

Marvin Young says:

Fresno could use a good New York Style pizza place. Not just in pizza name, but in taste.
Starts with good tasting sauce, cheese, pizza bread. So far, I have not seen it here in Fresno.

Dana says:

Completely agree Marvin. The pizza overall in Fresno is mediocre at best. We have fresh ingredients here and there’s no excuse for not having a top NY pizza place.

Tristan says:

Heard another Dog House rumor today……….

Jake says:

Dog House Grill 2

Fast paced in the way they serve their food, which gets people in and out who are also catching a movie.

Karin says:

Ruby Tuesday needs to make a new home in Fresno! Or Buca di Beppo!

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