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Fun new local blog about fashion

Fresno State‘s Theater Arts Department started Fashioning the Past, a new blog that categorizes the university’s extensive collection of costumes and accessories. Here’s an overview from the page:

Over the years, the costume department at California State University, Fresno has accrued a collection of approximately 3500 historical garments and 1000 accessories that have been donated from private collections. Until recently, the collection was essentially forgotten in its storage space in the basement.

Besides photos of the vintage costumes, the blog posts include a lot of detail about the clothing and materials. My favorite part are fun details like the dimensions. These are from a post on an Edwardian era blouse:

Bust: 28″
Waist: 18″
Sleeve Length: 25″
Armscye to Armscye Back: 14″
Armscye to Armscye Front: 14″
Center Front: 17″

What a great connection to past fashion. I’ll be interested to see how the collection unfolds. If you’re interested in seeing the collection, some garments are on display in the Lyles Gallery in the Speech Arts Building.

Responses to "Fun new local blog about fashion"

Heather P. says:

OMG! I die! I get effusive about very few things, but historical fashions/costuming is one of them. I’ll pass this around to my like-minded friends. Huzzah!

Heather P. says:

btw. . . a commenter in the blog linked to the CSUF e-collections site with photos of several more pieces in the collection:

linnyleloo says:

this blog is pretty cool. so is mine ;)