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Just how excited is Fresno about H&M coming to town?

After months of rumors, River Park today confirmed that trendy clothing retailer H&M is coming to Fresno. It will open in late summer or early fall, in the former Borders spot that has been empty since 2011. H&M is a global company known for quickly getting runway looks to the masses at affordable prices. Just how excited are people in Fresno about this store? Very, very, very excited, judging from the response on social media this morning. Take a look.

My personal favorite tweet of the morning:


Check out the number of shares and likes from the Bee Facebook page in the first two hours:


Responses to "Just how excited is Fresno about H&M coming to town?"

JJJJ says:

Ive always thought that the three retail stores that could draw people to any part of Fresno would be:


That is, if the city managed to get these downtown, it would revolutionize the area as they would have enough draw on their own.

Cross off H&M from that list then.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Those semi/hi end stores would NEVER build stores n dwntn Fresno. Those people that put those stores up r smart. In that they look at demographics: within a 10 mile radius they look at median income, population density, ethnic makeup etc. Semi/hi end stores will set up shop north of Shaw or Herndon preferably Riverpark as much as it pains me to say that. Bcuz i am a supporter of dwntwn.

Bob says:

Fresno will NEVER get a Nordstrom because they only open actual department stores in metro areas that have $X average income. Fresno is well below that target. That’s why they have a Rack.

And H&M has been in the US for over 15 years now (and even Modesto has a store) and it’s already a bit played out.

But if you can count on one thing, it’s Fresno getting excited over a chain to validate its own existence.

Chanel Levi says:

I am super excited that H&M is coming to Fresno. I’ve been ordering clothes online since I’ve been able to. I love H&M and their prices are unbeatable. Yes!!!

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