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Colfer talks about ‘Glee’ smooch

One of the hazards of editing entertainment news is lots of things get spoiled. That’s the case today when I came across an @eonline link about last night’s “Glee” episode, which is sadly tucked away on my DVR waiting to be watched. I really need to catch up!

Did anyone watch last night? Was it THE big moment?

Responses to "Colfer talks about ‘Glee’ smooch"

Heather P. says:

Don’t know if you’ve gotten to see it yet. But I loved the big moment– and it was a very well-crafted, fully felt moment. The trick to really making it work, though, was the set up of Chris Colfer’s singing of “Blackbird” so soulfully and simply. If he hadn’t nailed that song, which develops the emotional plot point, the big kiss might not have worked so well.

But Colfer nails just about everything he needs to do on Glee, so it all formed together beautifully.

(And to my Fresno Theater Friends: Yes, I am coming out of the closet as a Gleek. After all, “what I really want to do is direct. .. . .MUSICALS!” — kidding, kidding!)