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BANDGEEK!: Night Riots, Wild Ones and Cherry Bluestorms

11-10-14While you’re tempted to quarantine yourself until this whole flu thing blows over, don’t. Get out and enjoy some of this weekend’s musical offerings. Just bring hand sanitizer. You choices are presented here in another installment of our weekly music roundup … BANDGEEK!






Responses to "BANDGEEK!: Night Riots, Wild Ones and Cherry Bluestorms"

blake says:

Thanks to Josh and the Bee for the great article on the Cherry Bluestorms in today’s paper. It’s going to be a smash-up gig Sunday at Full Circle for Food Not Bombs. Come on out at 6pm and enjoy this terrific LA paisley-rock band, along with Trike Shop, Chelsea Jones, and Guy Beard & the Lunch Wagon Romeos—-all the while supporting a good cause, and getting a good dinner out of the whole thing too.

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