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TV critics tour: CW high on ‘Mars’

BELLMark Pedowitz, President of the CW, offered his viewpoints on how his network is performing.

Did the “Veronica Mars” spark you to do a spinoff TV series? : Rob Thomas and I spoke last night, late in the afternoon. He’s very excited about doing this for CW Seed. It may not appear before the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie comes out. He’s very busy right now, particularly with one of our pilots, a script that he’s writing called ‘I, Zombie.’ But we’re very excited.”

Is “Beauty and the Beast” going to continue after the season? : “We’ve made no decisions whatsoever. We had to change something on the schedule so that we could launch ‘Star-Crossed’ and ‘The 100.’ ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will come on at end of May and finish the run through the season, and then we’ll make a decision come May whether or not it gets renewed.”

Do you think the “Nikita” ending was good? : “Yes. Craig Silverstein did a great job giving the fans a great send off. I give him great credit. I thank Maggie Q and the entire cast. They were great troupers, and they did a great job for The CW.”

Are you doing a series with Lauren Graham?: “The script is in. We’re looking at it. It’s under consideration. The script is excellent, and again, we have only so many slots. We’re going to probably do the same amount of pilots we did last year. So we’re going to have to determine whether or not it fits within any of those slots.”

‘Mars “I’m very bullish on ‘Reign.’ Laurie McCarthy has really delivered. She’s a terrific showrunner. Adelaide is really very regal and queen like. The story lines have worked. The numbers for ‘Reign,’ which started a little slowly, are increasing, and it’s now bettering what last year’s predecessor did, which was ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ I’m looking forward to it returning.”

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