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Yay! Bike valet at Clovis events


I’m so happy to see I Bike Fresno plans to offer bike Valet at up coming events in Clovis, starting April 2-3 at Big Hat Days. Other events include:

Here’s how it will work: Riders can park their bike at the bike valet booth free of charge. When the rider is ready to leave, the valet service will retrieve their bike.

I noticed the bike valet at the SLO farmers market last summer. A lot of people used it. I hope to see folks riding their bikes to Old Town this summer. I know I will be.

Responses to "Yay! Bike valet at Clovis events"

Todd Norgaard says:

Great idea! Hope it works without a hitch.

jimmy prince says:

We’ll with the Gas prices over $4.00 to $5.00 this summer,yinz all will be biken it all over California. To many hills here In PittsBurgh! jim prince

Bike valets solve a couple of problems, having a bike valet prevents people locking up their bikes to anything that doesn’t move, and it greatly reduces the problem of bike theft. Win-win!