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Win tickets to Fresno Grand Opera’s ‘Les Miz’


UPDATE: Congratulations to winner Terri Kotchevar. She’s planning to take her son to the performance.

ORIGINAL POST:  It’s been touted as the Fresno area’s biggest ever local production. With a budget of $800,000 for four performances, Fresno Grand Opera has assembled a top-notch cast of national-tour and Broadway veterans for its “Les Miserables,” which opens Friday at the Saroyan Theatre.

I have two tickets to give away to the 8 p.m. Saturday performance. They’re very good lower-balcony tickets, priced at $95 each. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us how many times you’ve seen the show — and your favorite production. (You can count the movie if you want, and if you’ve never seen the stage version, that’s OK — tell us why you want to see this one.)

Deadline is 4 p.m. Wednesday. Please don’t enter more than once. I’ll be informing our winner by email shortly thereafter, so keep a watch on your inbox. If I haven’t heard from a winner by Thursday morning, I reserve the right to pick another. (I want to make sure these tickets go to good use.) These are paper tickets, so you’ll need to be able to come down to The Bee’s front counter by 5 p.m. Friday to pick them up. Rules are on the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to Fresno Grand Opera’s ‘Les Miz’"

Kylie says:

I have seen this show A LOT. I crewed it so if I just count that as 1, I’ve seen it 6 times. My favorite was definitely CMT’s production.

Cameron says:

I’ve seen it 3 times. CMT was great.

Laura says:

I’ve seen it twice. I enjoyed Pepperdine University’s production.

Jason Williams says:

I have been waiting for you to post this! I have only seen the show once when I was too young to appreciate it. When the movie came out I thought it was good but not great. And then I watched it again and again and again. So, unfortunately I have lost count! I would Love to win tickets so that I can experience the live show and appreciate it! Thank you!

Dan Kimball says:

Saw the show in SF about 10 years ago- completely changed my attitude and appreciation for the theater- would love to go again

suzanne knutson says:

Never seen the stage version but the movie was wonderful!

madelyn knutson says:

I have seen it 5 times, including at the Pantages, but think that the Biola Youth Theater production was most amazing, so far…!

Rob says:

I have only seen the movie and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Stage would be cool!

Craig R. Miller says:

I have never seen the show but I have heard some of the songs. I have been reading to lead up to the show…that’s what sparked my interest.

Leslie Cunnin says:

Love the music so much! Have never seen it on stage and would be so thrilled to win. Submitting with crossed fingers!

Peter says:

I’ve seen this play before, but my wife hasn’t, she read the book when she was younger and saw the movie and she really liked it, so I would like to take her to see it, I’m sure she would love it.

Mark says:

Saw Les Miz for the first time in Montreal and have been in love with it every since!

Kathryn Forbes says:

I have never seen it!

Karl Kallmann says:

I would love to have my godson (11), experience what a live professional company, singing quality music is like. I think that it would impact his life.

Ron says:

I have seen the production 5 times. In Fresno, Portland, Oregon, London, On Broadway and in Montreal. My favorite production was in Montreal. It was my first time seeing it and I wasn’t really that excited to go. The couple we sat next to were so excited and told us how great it was, they had seen it many times, okay I thought, and then it began. From the first moment I was hooked. LOVED IT! About half way through the first act, the power went out, the theatre became dark and the cast kept on singing and did not stop until the stage manager came out and said it was not safe for them to continue. We were heartbroken. They told us to leave the theatre and come back in an hour, if they could restore the power in that time they would continue. The audience went to local cafes to wait. I was so hoping the show would go on. I loved it. After the hour the show continued right were it left off and it was magical. All the productions had been wonderful, but that one was very special!! Would love to see this production.

Stephen Abbas says:

I love this story, but have never seen it live.

Judith Pearson says:

My husband would love to see this. He loves music and has enjoyed the few musicals we have been able to see. He is 80 yrs old n I would love to be able to take him.

Terri says:

I’ve seen it three times. The last time was at the Theater in the Round in Sacramento, which was amazing. The cast literally came down the aisles in the audience. My son has wanted to see it for so long, but I can never afford to buy us tickets.

Sally Rivera says:

I’ve only seen the movie. I loved it. I can only imagine how fantastic the live show would be. My daughter loves it too. We’d love it.

Ron Kerbow says:

I’d like to take my wife. She loves this production.

Kristin says:

I have seen it a few times once in Los Angeles in the 1990′s and CMT’s version directed by Skyler Gray. I would have to say CMT’s was my favorite.

Julie Coleman says:

I’ve never seen Les Miz, but have always heard how great it is. I don’t think I would have appreciated the performance when I was younger; but at 42, I am sure it would be wonderful.

Thank you

Shannah says:

This show is one of my favorites for many reasons. I love the music, love the story but most recently I’ve seen it through the eyes of my daughter. She has also grown to love it. While I’ve seen the production more times than I can count (at least 12 times) I have two favorites. One was a Broadway production I saw with Sarah Uriarte playing Eponine (1993 I think). This was the first time I saw someone from
Fresno on BROADWAY! My second favorite was CMts production. It was done very well and my
daughter played one of the young Cosettes…it
was a special moment.

Joanne Cardenas says:

I’ve seen it 3 times at a community theater and loved it! My son played Enjorlas. I have never seen it at this Caliber and would love to be able to.:)

Lorraine Kuroda says:

Les Miz is my favorite musical. I love the music from it and listen to it frequently. I could watch this play over and over and never be tired of it.

Amy says:

Saw this play for the first time by Stageworks Fresno and didn’t really know the story at all. Love it….simply loved it. Then saw the movie a few months ago. I really preferred watching it live.

Dominic Grijalva says:

Saw it on Broadway in 2007, my first NYC show. It was remarkable. Brilliant cast featuring Norm Lewis, Lea Salonga, Gary Beach, Celia Keenan Bolger and more. The legendary turntable was huge and astounding. I was completely blown away by the sheer kickassery of it all.

Jose says:

I’ve only seen the show once, it would be awesome to see a local and touring cast perform together!

Ted says:

I’ve only seen this show once, in San Francisco about 20 years ago. Would be nice to see it again here at home. Thanks for the opportunity!

Russell R. says:

I have only read the book, which I loved. I can only imagine how amazing seeing a professional stage production would be!

Robert Lutz says:

We have never seen Les Miserables before. Many of our friends have seen it and recommended we see it sometime. Would love to go.

Mallory says:

I have seen this show once before, at a very young age when CMT did it and it was directed by Joel Abels. More recently though I was lucky enough to be cast as one of the young Cosettes when CMT did it. I haven’t see the show performed live in a long time, but this role was very fun to portray.

Chris says:

I have only seen it once – that was in 1989. Would love to take my daughter to it!

Fernando Elizondo says:

I have never seen the stage version, and I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the latest movie. I’d rather watch the stage production first before going and watching the movie. Something about live performers is always better than what you’ll see in the movie.

wienzer says:

I’ve only seen it once live and that was years ago in high school and I was much too angsty to appreciate it. I’ve since gown to love it and would be thrilled to see it again live.

Erica says:

I saw it once in Fresno in the ’90s, and we own the movie. Seeing it live was a thousand times better.

Leonor says:

I have never seen the stage production of Les Miz however I know I would thoroughly enjoy and appreciate seeing it here in Fresno.

Tina Jones says:

I’ve seen the live production three times. My favorite will always be the first time when I was a teenager in San Francisco. I still haven’t seen any of the film adaptations.

Linda Pottenger says:

I’ve never seen the stage version. But, I love, love, LOVE the music. I would so enjoy seeing my favorite songs performed live. Thanks for your consideration!

Sammi says:

I have never seen a live production of this show. I’ve seen the movie, but that is it. I would love to see this show because one of my very best friends is in the ensemble, but unfortunately I cannot afford a ticket. I have heard wonderful things about the cast from my friend so I would love to see the show up on its feet!

Ursila M. says:

Can you believe that I’ve NEVER seen the play? Not even the movie? I’d like to change that :-).

James says:

I have seen the two live productions that have come to Fresno in the past. The first time I went with friends and I had paid for all the tickets up front and they all paid me back, but one. Being the first time I had seen it makes it my favorite production. The second time it came to town I drew my own name from a jar at a give away at Fashion Fair Mall. Then I gave the tickets to a couple that really want to see it. Only to have a lady I was friends with at the time talk me in to going because she didn’t want to go alone. So, I had to turn around and buy a ticket for myself because she was buying one only for herself. Oh, well. I enjoved it anyway. My wife and I took our son to see Wicked when it was first here in Fresno and he really liked it. We were so glad that he enjoyed something we like. He is now 16 and we would really like for him to see Les Miz. I know he would love it!

Brigette Wiens says:

I’ve seen the show once in San Francisco many years ago and seen the newest movie. We listen to the music often.

Greg Wike says:

My wife and I have seen it twice on stage (don’t remember the company in the South Bay area) about 15 years ago, and of course the movie. We would listen to the soundtrack on our car cassette player during long road trips. Each time I have seen it, or even heard the music, has been a very moving experience for me because of its story of the struggle and undying spirit of an oppressed people.

jenniferh Hall says:

I have always wanted to see this… such a good story!

Jayson says:

I’ve seen the show 8 or 10 times. Favorite production is the Queen’s Theatre in London.

Jennifer says:

I have seen it three times. My favorite was the London show. Very excited for a show of this caliber to be in Fresno.

Jason says:

I’ve never been to an opera, but I have heard good things about the performances.

April says:

Although I have never seen Les Mis on stage, I have seen the 25th anniversary concert from the O2 on dvd and from there a life action version starring Liam Neeson and of course the newest starring Hugh Jackman. I absolutely love the characters and the entire french revolution, and am reading the book to learn more. I would LOVE to see it in person on stage, musical theater is the greatest.

katbon says:

I saw the CMT production a couple of times (my daughter was in it) and I’ve seen the movie a couple of times. I prefer the stage version. The stage version is all about the passion of the music and not the close ups.

Christine Mott says:

I am one of the few that have never seen the live production of Les Miserables!! It has been on my bucket list forever! The last time it was around I was on chemo. I have seen the last 2 movies and really fell in love with the music. (I preferred the version with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush believe it or not!) Would be forever grateful to get these tickets!! Thanks Fresno Beehive!

Jeff Escobedo says:

I have seen this show only once, and it was at the Reedley Opera House. They did a great job and I would love to see it at the Saroyan as well!!

Justin says:

I’ve never seen the actual stage production, just the more recent movie. I’m really entering to win them and take my wife who also has never seen the stage production but LOVES the story

Charlie_K says:

I have only seen it on stage twice, once in San Francisco and once in Fresno — both were excellent!

Claire says:

I’ve only seen the production once. My daughter has not seen it at all, so all fingers are crossed.

Kim says:

I haven’t seen this show or movie but I’d appreciate the opportunity to. I love live

elaine steitz says:

please, anything but football. LOL, love Les Miz

Janice says:

I saw the CMT version 3 times, the Stageworks version 2 times, and the movie countless times! I would absolutely love to see the Fresno Grand Opera version. I hear it’s going to be fantastic!!!

Matthew says:

My daughter wants to see this version so bad but tickets are too expensive. You can’t beat Les Miserables music. She watches the 25th anniversary over and over and we have seen the local stage versions the last couple of years.

Mike says:

I have seen it 3 times I think. Broadway was amazing.

Robin says:

I have only seen it on broadway, so that was the best one!

Brandon says:

I have seen all the local productions. My favorite was CMT.

Nancy says:

I have never seen the production I did see the movie would love to take my daughter.

Bianca says:

Love this show so much! Can’t wait to see this production

Lisa Ovalle says:

My favorite is the older movie, as I have not seen a live production. I love to watch live theater so I know I would this play.

Bryan Harley says:

Never seen it! Been I saw the movie. I should winnnn!!!

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