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JLo coming to a Kohl’s near you

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are launching clothing lines for Kohl’s, the latest in a trend by affordable retailers to offer name brands with more style. And since Kohl’s has been expanding all over the Valley, I thought I’d share this video preview.

JLo’s collection will include “contemporary sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewelry, shoes and sleepwear.” She also is starting The Jennifer Lopez Home Collection, which includes luggage along with bedding and towels. Marc Anthony’s collection includes sportswear, dress shirts, neckwear, accessories, suit separates, sport coats and shoes.

Target, Walmart, JCPenney, they’re all playing around with this trend, which I think has made these department stores a bit more relevant by offering wider varieties of clothing. They’re no longer just places to pick up a T-shirt or some socks.

I’ve definitely taken advantage of some of the lower-cost designers to pass through Target. And since Kohl’s opened at Sierra Vista Mall late last year, I’ve picked up a couple Vera Wang items – most recently a purse that’s great for the weekends.

I haven’t been disappointed. I get a trendy item fairly cheap, and I don’t feel bad once I outgrow the item. What about you? Does seeing JLo’s name on this line make you want to check out Kohl’s?

Responses to "JLo coming to a Kohl’s near you"

Norma Henwood says:

In the past, JLo’s collection has included fur, therefore I am underwhelmed at anything this gal does. Hopefully her new line will not follow this inhumane trend. Geez, when does conscience take over from greed?