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Coachella’s lineup announced + a wish list for Fresno

coachella2The official Coachella lineup was announced yesterday and like music fans everywhere, I’ll go ahead and chime in.

I won’t go through the entire list of bands, because, duh, you can look at the lineup yourself. And I won’t debate the merits of these kind of mega-festivals or whether or not the lineup warrants the tickets price (you can do all that on Facebook).

What I will do is put out a wish list for local promoters. The weeks before and after Coachella offer golden opportunity to pull in some of the mid- and low-level acts who often work their tour schedules around the festival. Those weeks have become known as Fauxchella in a lot of markets (San Francisco for example).

Take a careful look at the lineup because some of these band will be coming though, no doubt.

Here are five acts I would to see:

  • Motorhead. Saw them in Bakersfield at a tiny-ass venue, so it could happen.
  • Group Love. Sort of a refreshed ’90s indie-rock Pixies vibe.
  • Wye Oak. Have you heard their cover of Danzig’s “Mother?”
  • The Toy Dolls. Seriously underrated English punk-rock band. I believe they’ve been here before, but I was too terribly young at the time.
  • Pet Shop Boys. Just to hear them do “You were Always on My Mind.” This is the least likely to actually happen. That’s why it’s called a wish list.

Feel free to take a look at the lineup and add your own choices in the comments.

Responses to "Coachella’s lineup announced + a wish list for Fresno"

blake says:

I think that during my youth (when was that?) Toy Dolls had their 3.5 weeks of being The Biggest Thing Ever–meaning: played on KFSR every 23 minutes, gigging at The Starline, and having their record ‘up there with the biggies’ at Tower Records (in the Northgate Shopping Center).

blake says:

edit: “Starline” should have read “Star Palace” in the above post.

Fernando Elizondo says:

I have the same hopes but with the Stagecoach festival. Jason Isbell’s only California performance is at that festival, and I don’t want to pay $200 and sit through pop-country acts to see him.

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