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Is this your band?: Annoying things local bands do

This list has been making its way around Facebook (that’s where I saw it anyway). It’s a collection of the annoying things that local (and touring) bands do. Annoying from the standpoint of the venue manager who likely wrote the list (and deals with bands on a regular basis). Parts of the list come off as stuff we all think (but would never say. No. 4, 8). For bands, there are probably some good lessons in here, too (no. 11, 26 for example). Some of it is just too jaded to take seriously (no. 20-23).

Still, it’s a good read and fodder for some good discussion.

So, what do you think of the list? Is there anything you’d add? Does one of these stand out as being the worst? Without naming names, how many of these have you seen at local clubs? Moreover, if you’re in a band, should there be a list of annoying things venues do? What would be on that list?

Responses to "Is this your band?: Annoying things local bands do"

James says:

#31 hits home for me. Fresno suffers from this big time.

blake says:

actually this *was* pretty painful to read…not that the writer didn’t make several good points…but it points to the fact that club owners/soundmen can get so weary of the unrealistic traits of musicians…..and it’s sad…cuz we really, really want to be both happy and unrealistic…and no one lets us.

TJ says:

Sounds like a lot of people just need to get over themselves (bands and promoters alike), their assumptions of how ‘artists’ will behave, and this presumption that everybody else can read their mind.

Don’t like a local band with a manager? Nobody is making you be their manager and it’s a helluva lot easier to deal with any ‘manager’ than trying to figure out which member of the band is going to answer your question and then trying to find said member. Meanwhile, your customers can’t get drinks because your management (you) is standing outside smoking all night and only had the foresight to schedule one bartender.

Pissed the band only plays 15 minutes? Why didn’t you set forth a start/stop time in the written agreement? Oh, you didn’t get anything in writing? Nice job, both parties.

Oh no, a band changed names? Never heard of that happening with a local venue before (*ahem*)

Who the hell cares WHY a band cancels, only that they did. What, you don’t have a cancellation clause in your contract? Oh yeah, mister know-everything-promoter, you didn’t get a contract.

Why do you need a breakdown of what a band spends on gas and what they spend on pizza or hotels or hookers, etc? If they want to put all their pay in their arm and sleep in the van in front of the local Walmart, that’s their business. Don’t like the deal you’re getting, renegotiate! Don’t try to argue that because you can drive your Prius from California to Idaho for $200, the band should be able to do the same in their 11-passenger van. Never-mind the fact that driving from Fresno to SF takes a total of 30 man hours for five-piece band – plus wear and tear on the vehicle. Maybe this venue should be billed hourly for travel?!

I’ll give him a couple of them – leaving trash around a venue and just general disrespect is unacceptable. In reality, it sounds like the author of this article has some serious lack of communication skills, as at least 25 of the items on this list could be easily resolved with a simple conversation (before the date of the performance, NOT fifteen minutes before downbeat – I’m looking at you local venues). It also sounds like he knows he is a douche, otherwise he wouldn’t feel the need to preemptively defend his half-baked ideas with #39. Maybe if he took the time to actually address these concerns by having a good contract and having a five minute conversation while booking these bands instead of this pseudo-comedy, he wouldn’t be such a little bitch. Actually, if he hates bands so much, he should stop booking bands altogether and just change to a comedy club…he could read this list at the start of every night.

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