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Oscar fashion: You rate the look

My favorite part of Oscar night is the dresses. There were definitely some bold statement at last night’s Academy Awards, such as the puffy purple frock on Zoe Saldana, the yellowish jeweled dress on Sarah Jessica Parker and the lavender cups on Charlize Theron. What was with all the purple? I noticed a lot of fuchsia, skin-toned and metallics too. I thought Rachel McAdams print was fabulous. And Sandra Bullock was a knock out. What do you think — you rate the look.

Rachel McAdams:


Zoe Saldana:


Anna Kendrick:


Vera Farmiga:


Demi Moore:


Kristen Stewart:


Elizabeth Banks:


Sarah Jessica Parker:


Penelope Cruz:


Charlize Theron:


Diana Kruger:


Tina Fey:


Sandra Bullock:


Cameron Diaz:


Miley Cyrus:




Responses to "Oscar fashion: You rate the look"

Natali says:

Ok, I’m no fashion genius but here are my thoughts:
McAdams: gorgeous, but, a burlap sack on her would likely be too.
Saldana: It was great from the waist up, then a muppet family was murdered- tragic!
Kendrick: Would be a great dress, for when she’s pushing 50. For now though- too mature for her.
Farmiga: Hmmm… someone was decorating the edges of a cake, missed the cake and hit her big time?
Moore: the bodice is a little “mummy-esque” but I still am going to call it a win.
Stewart: Better than her usual get ups, so I say win, strictly on improvement effort.
Banks: Win, sure, why not? It’s pretty.
Parker: Thumbs down. Sorry, not feeling it.
Cruz: 1992 wants their dress back
Theron: Small rosettes and more of them would have been the better way to go, but the color doesn’t do much for her either. Thumbs down, sorry.
Kruger: What type of dress does this want to be? It can’t seem to make up it’s mind.
Fey: Same issue as above. Let’s be strapless or let’s not, but let’s pick one, k?
Bullock: I can’t tell what the fabric is, but she is shiny and gold like an Oscar statuette. Self fulfilling prophecy? Regardless, it’s pretty and I like it.
Diaz: It’s a little too wedding-dress for my taste
Cyrus: I think the dress is pretty, but I think she looks about 37 here…
Mo’Nique: Win. Pretty shade of blue, pretty textures, not overly busy though. Win.

Genevieve says:

Why is Miley dressed up like a 40-something?

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

My wife and I liked Sandra Bullocks dress the best…and hated Charlize Therons boob bullet dress

Debi says:

Most dresses were fab! My favs were Sandra, Cameron, Tina and Demi. Not so great were Miley (not age appropriate), Sarah and Vera. What were they thinking?

Kristin Stewart looka like she would rather be somewhere else. She should have stayed home in her sweats.

Jennifer says:

McAdams – pretty as usual
Zoe Saldana’s dress looks ugly in this picture, I thought I remember seeing her walk on stage and thinking she looked good. Had to be the same dress, no?
Some of the best were Bullock of course, Tina Fey and Demi Moore (HOT!). I also like Elizabeth Banks’ dress for some reason. I think that look is starting to grow on me, or maybe that look should never grow on me but on her it looks great.

Cameron’s dress looks like the 2006 version of Bullock’s.
Kendrick – washed out
Vera – whoa!
Stewart – always looks like she wants to be somewhere else, this dress is prettier than most of what she wheres though
Parker, Cruz, Theron, Kruger – Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly
Miley’s dress is pretty, but she just looks old and uncomfortable. And why is she there? Was Hannah Montana the Movie nominated????
Mo’Nique – I like it, wish I could see more of it in the picture (I did not watch the actual show)