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BANDGEEK!: Genuine Bass, Tribal Seeds and a hangover party

1-3-14This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a slow week. It’s what happens when New Year’s Eve falls on a Tuesday (happy New Year’s and all that). Still, the pickin’s ain’t bad when it comes to live music. See for yourself in this week’s installment of BANDGEEEEK!!!






That’s what I found anyway. Feel free to add your own events in the comments section of send them to me at or @joshuatehee on Twitter.

Responses to "BANDGEEK!: Genuine Bass, Tribal Seeds and a hangover party"

Jan says:

I just finished reading your column of today (Friday 1/3/14). Not sure that I needed to walk away with another reminder of so many Fresno negatives, and hey, Happy 2014 to you, too. Maybe in 2014, this column’s resolution can be to include a splash more positive about Fresno?

Josh Tehee says:


I appreciate the comment. What you are referencing was mostly a tongue-in-cheek jab at how many people (including many natives) tend to view the city. If you read me on the regular I think you’ll see I am a HUGE fan of Fresno (warts and all. But you can’t ignore the warts).

Here is the story as means of reference:

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