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Top 10 bands/concerts of 2013

It’s coming in right under the wire but here is my list of the top 10 bands (with comments) and concerts of 2013 (in no particular order). Keep in mind these choices are based mostly on my taste. Feel free to debate it all in the comments section. That’s what it’s there for.

1.) American Sharks
Technically, I discovered this Austin band in 2012, but I started following them in 2013 and their album wasn’t released until September, so I’m counting it. Takes the doom of stoner-rock and add a in some punk-rock punch.

2.) Deafheaven
Most recent discovery and I am late to jump on the bandwagon, but whatever. I should hate this band, what with the screeching black metal vocals, but I don’t. I don’t hate them at all.

3.) Broncho
Another band I “technically” discovered in 2012. But it was late 2012 and it was 2013 by the time I was listening to the album (on repeat).

4.) Werebear
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen/heard a local band that made me jealous. The moment I heard “Night of the Werebear,” I wished I’d written it.

5.) Dope Body
The AV club‘s LOUD feature was good for finding new bands. Sadly, they had the final installment in April. But not before I found Baltimore band Dope Body, which is what Henry Rollins would song like if he did noisy math-rock.

6.) Gentle Jamie
I enjoy artists who can talk intelligently about what they do, even if it seems silly or awkward at the time. Jamie does. He also has an intense stage presence and a flair for theatrics that I appreciate.

7.) Pure Bathing Culture
Caught this Portland band both times they came through Visalia. It’s ’80s new wave with indie-rock sensibilities.

8.) Light Thieves
This Fresno band did an amazing amount of work this year, from releasing its full-length debut (despite financial set backs) to playing an almost innumerable amount of local shows (and quite a few on the road).

9.) Isosceles Trio
I would call this experimental music. Blake Jones (of Trike Shop fame) does theremin. John Shafer (also of the Trike Shop) does percussion and Ellie Choate plays the harp. I caught them at the F.U.S.E. fest doing a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” and almost lost  my mind.

10.) It’ll Grow Back

1.) Catacomb Party
2.) Fresno Urban Sound Experience
3.) Spanspek Music and Arts Festival
4.) Pure Bathing Culture + Brother Luke and the Comrades@Cellar Door, Visalia
5.) FLAG@Strummer’s
6.) Face to Face + Teenage Bottlerocket@Fulton 55
7.) Independents@Frank’s Place
8.) Girl in a Coma@Strummer’s
9.) Paramore@Save Mart Center
10.) The Airborne Toxic Event@Visalia Fox Theatre


Responses to "Top 10 bands/concerts of 2013"

dale stewart says:

I share your enthusiasm for Werebear. They have just that right combination of newness without being too far out there, rockin-ness and sincerity.

blake says:

Am flattered to be in a project listed here. But….didn’t you *know*???: we’re not called Isoceles Trio anymore (see #33 in the , “Top 39 annoying things that bands do” post by Mr. Tehee)—we’re called TriOblique…..(mostly, cuz there already were about 3 bands using the other name)….and we’re hoping to put out the Black Sabbath medley..along w/ several other recordings for a Halloween album later this year. (likely near…Halloween time). Let’s hope for a good 2014 for all local music!

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