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Five things you should do this weekend

five thingsTake down those Christmas lights … then

1.) Gaslamp Society Winter Holiday Party
Steampunk is like dubstep: Everyone wants to know what it is and no one can explain it. Which is fine really. It’s a sub-culture and they probably don’t want all the tourist types making it mainstream, anyway. That said, if you know what it is, and you’re looking for other enthusiasts, the Gaslamp Society is for you.

2.) Fresno Winter Jam
Yes, Ice Cube and Cypress Hill had that famous feud back in the day, but that’s all been resolved and the Cube has mellowed out some. With the addition of Tyga, Sage the Gemini and Ty Dolla $ign, this is a good primer on west coast rap. five things 2

3.) “The Rocky Horror Show Live”
On second thought, you may want to save this one for New Year’s Eve.

4.) Shitty Christmas 2
There is this band, the Misfats. They spoof the punk band Misfits by making every song about food and/or being fat. The Misshits is that, but with poop. Way funnier than it sounds. Unless it already sounds funny to you, and then it’s as funny as you think. Also on the bill is Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries and the Dirty Limbs.
five thinsg 2
5.) Equality Kickball
Equality Kickball seems like an OK bunch by me. “Equality kickball – where gays and straights come together, drink and play kickball! Our mission is to promote equality, community, and camaraderie using a big bouncy ball and copious amounts of beer!”

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