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Beehive Obsessions: Volume 11

You know how it is when you find something you love and instantly you want everyone you know to love it, too? Here is a list of things the Beehive is into at this very moment. We invite you to share your obsession in the comments.

Rick: It hasn’t started yet, but I can’t wait to see the final episodes of “Lost.” I can’t imagine how any ending would be completely satisfying. I’m also hooked on “Burn Notice,” “Modern Family” and “Secret Diary of a Call Girl.”
Heather: My new obsession is making sure that the seafood I eat is sustainable. “Sustainable” is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot, but in this case, it means that I’m trying hard to follow the guidelines for responsible seafood eating set by Seafood Watch, a Monterey Bay Aquarium program that keeps track of which seafood items are safe, healthy, and fished or farmed responsibly. Why is that important? Because we can’t eat seafood if there’s none left in the sea, and I love me some shellfish.

Kathy: I’m really into the marriage of Netflix and PS3, which allows me to stream movies to my TV with the push of a button. It gives me a a whole library of movies at my fingertips. Plus, I get Blu-ray movies sent to me in the mail to supplement the live selections. Since the Netflix warehouse is in Bakersfield, it only takes a day to get a new movie. If that’s not awesome enough, the service is pretty cheap: $11 a month.

Mike: Words with Friends. It’s this iPhone game that pretty much copied Scrabble. You play against your Twitter or Facebook friends. The cool thing it’s played casually, so you don’t have to sit there for an hour at a time. You can play for a couple minutes here, a couple there when you’re free. And you can have multiple games going at the same time. I was really bad when I first started playing it, but now I’ve gotten a little better and I’m trying to avenge past losses. If you’re playing, my username is “mikeoz” — bring it! (Unless you’re Sonicfoundation, that dude is good).

kindle2.jpg Donald: I’m obsessed with my new Kindle. I got it for Christmas, and at first I approached it with excitement but also deep skepticism, like a pragmatic parent who looks at the cute puppy brought by Santa and asks, “But who’s going to clean up after it when it poops?” A little over a month later, however, I’m in love. I don’t think a day has gone by without me grabbing my Kindle for at least a few minutes and diving in. I find the type very easy to read, not at all like a backlit computer screen. I love its compact size — especially when it means not having to lug an 800-page book to the gym. You can change type sizes, too, which makes it perfect for using when I’m on the treadmill, for example, and need a little help, um, in the bifocal department. There are other great perks, too: It’s a lot easier to read at the kitchen table when you don’t have to prop the book open and try to turn pages as you’re stuffing spaghetti in your mouth. Best of all, I can add notes right in the text of the book, then save them to peruse later. I still love real books, of course, but I’ve also completely fallen under the e-book spell.

Responses to "Beehive Obsessions: Volume 11"

MsJoey says:

I’m super obsessed with my new Sketchers “Shape-Ups”
They are super huge and tacky and not a hottie magnet by any means but my goal is to have a super booty to rival Beyonce’s so they are bearable.
AND they were a gift from my mom….not sure what the underlying meaning to that was, so I’m super-grateful.

And I’m super obsessed with using the adjective “super” in front of any other adjective or verb to add depth and excitement.
That is until I annoy myself…..I’m sure I’ve annoyed everyone who’s had the displeasure of talking to me lately.

Katie Johnson says:

I have two obsessions right now…
1. I, too, am obsessed with streaming Netflix. Documentaries of the financial system have been my main focus.
2. Foursquare. I joined months ago and never did anything with it. Students are using it to check in at Fresno State and I’ve been using it more since others are – it’s becoming more social and fun. I secretly want to be a mayor of my building on campus…

marcel says:

Last week (for me) it was the British series “Blackpool”… this week it is “Mistresses”.

Phoebe says:

Kathy ~

If you are on the seafood watch then don’t eat at Pismo’s. Most of their menu is on the avoid list.

Mike Oz says:

I’m trying to figure out Four Square right now. Still not sold.

Mike Oz, Mayor of The Fresno Bee

Abe Lopez says:

Downloading music on iTunes.

It’s way too easy to get lost in the “oh, I like that song too” mindset. And before you know it you’ve spent 30 bucks without even realizing it.

Which for me and my newly found unemployed status, is not a good thing.

Katie Johnson says:

Yeah, that’s how I felt until people around me started using it. It became a game of visiting more venues. Although it is weird when people check in at home…

Harvard is doing something really neat with Foursquare for students and visitors. They’re offering a Harvard badge if you visit all their spots

Mike Oz says:

That’s cool. I’ve heard about some really interesting uses of Four Square, which is why I’m trying to get a handle on it and see what The Beehive can use it for.

Kathy Mahan says:

I just started using it too. Thanks for sharing the Harvard link.

Kristy says:

I love the Kindle too, especially for traveling! That way I don’t need to carry four or five books with me on vacation. Its pretty wonderful.

brodiemash says:

Video games: Between DJ Hero & Modern Warfare 2, they’ve seriously killed my productivity. Damn yooz!!

@Kathy: When I got my Netflix/PS3 disc in the mail, I was in heaven, too! So nice…

Jenn says:

Ohhh, I want to be the Mayor of Thomas Admin Building…I’ve always wanted a career in politics. I might have to check that out.

MsJoey says:

OMG My daughter is obsessed with DJ Hero! Watching her makes my head spin!

Kim Burly says:

Blueberry Breeze tea from Celestial Seasonings. That’s all I’ve been drinking for weeks on end.

Josh Phanco says:

As a notorious TV junkie I’m proud to say I’m obsessed about reading right now. Who knew…mom was right all along; books ARE good for you.

brodiemash says:

Your daughter is one hip cat! We must battle in the near future :)

Marty says:

I’m obsessed with the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. I’ve been an Olympics fanatic since I was a kid, and actually more winter than summer, although I love them both. I can’t wait to see Shaun White’s new trick – although I’m scared he’s going to seriously hurt himself, as he almost did at the X Games. I love the skiing, esp. the downhill – speed, baby! And of course the grace and mega-sequins of the figure skating. Love the speedskating, too. And hockey. Pretty much everything, although I’m still not sure about curling.

Heather says:

Ooh, that sounds good. I ran out of coffee earlier this month and have been drinking tea instead — green tea, specifically.

Streaming Video Killed the Video Store says:

Kathy: you are months behind the Xbox 360 has been doing the streaming video with Netflix for over a year now and on Windows Media Center for over two years. I pay old $9 a month for my single disc unlimited service with online streaming video.

wet towel says:

…getting homework done
…a great used copy of Veruca Salt’s ‘American Thighs’ I scored at Rasputins for two bucks…
…driving to 6000 ft. up 180 to play in the snow (listening to said album) then coasting back down listening to ‘hammock.’

Michael says:

That is exactly why I don’t play you. It’s hard to win any game when my biggest word is “cat”.

MsJoey says:

Oh I think you should!!! She’s pretty good, you may get schooled by a 14-year-old!

Kathy Mahan says:

Yeah, but I don’t have an xbox and I avoid Windows as much as I can. Mac girl here. So, this is new to me. But, I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy this awesomeness for much longer than me.

I am obsessed with my iPhone, getting though the book I started WEEKS ago, and LOST starting tomorrow night ;)

Jennifer says:

I too like the netflix/ps3 combo…just got my ps3 for Christmas and more or less asked for it to please the hubby and for the netflix part. But now I am addicted to Critter Crunch! And TV Game King, both cheap downloads on the PS3, critter crunch is just awesome and TV Game King helps me brush up for pub quiz at the landmark.