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Shameless plug: a ‘Company’ stocking stuffer


Remember my e-book “The Company We Keep,” published in June to mark the 40th anniversary of Good Company Players? In a moment of sheer hucksterism, I’m here to say that at just $2.99, it’d make a perfect last-minute stocking stuffer. And because it’s digital, it won’t put Santa’s sleigh over that pesky FAA 56.5 million ton limit.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to download “The Company We Keep,” you can buy it for $2.99 on Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, and at (Vook offers a desktop version if you don’t have a mobile reading device, along with ePub versions that can be transferred to devices.) In lieu of an autographed copy, I’ll even send you a personal email that you can print out — welcoming your gift recipient to the book — that you can put in the intended’s stocking. (Just send me an email by 3 p.m. Monday to with the request.)

Responses to "Shameless plug: a ‘Company’ stocking stuffer"

Sarah Lofgren says:

An ebook? About GCP? I’m buying it you shameless plugger you.

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