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Proof Auto-Tune can make anyone a singer

Mike Oz and I have had an ongoing conversation about the effect Auto-Tune is having on music — debating whether it’s killing talent and promoting people who look the part but really can’t sing.

When I saw this remix of NFL coaches, an image of Mike shaking his head flashed in my mind. This technology really can make anyone sound good. At least this remix is intended to be funny.

Responses to "Proof Auto-Tune can make anyone a singer"

Mike Oz says:

This might be one of the best products of autotune ever. That Ke$ha song, on the other hand, is hot garbage.

kevikev says:

You play to win the game!

Stephen says:

I’d heard it before, but never seen it in action (Rome played it).

I love it…I’ll buy the CD, which features other future hits such as:

“I’m retired, No I’m not” – Favruh

“Gun in the club” – PlaxiCon

“Yo Dawg you my Dawg Dog” – MiVick

and HMac’s favorite, “Sweep the Leg” – CobraKai

Uff i like this video!!!

DB says:

This should’nt be looked at as a threat. A true artist should embrace technology, yet integrate the old way of doing things. I read somewhere that the White Stripes recorded an entire album using studio recording equipment from the 70′s just to get that gritty sound. True art will always be around. It’s like when Hip Hop came out and people thought that was a rip off.