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Five things you should do this weekend

See some holly-jolly holiday lights and then …

1001993_606250852756316_499193801_n1. Fugly Sweater Bike Party Ride
Group bicycle rides are fun and good for the overall transportation culture. The more drivers can see bicyclists riding safely (ie. in bike lanes, with traffic and WITH LIGHTS at night), the less inclined they will be to see us as one more burden in their daily commutes. So, Fresno’s Bike Party‘s December ride get a thumbs up from me without mentioning the ugly Christmas sweaters or Christmas Tree Lane tour. Note: The best was to see the lane is on a bicycle.

12-21_square2. Buy a Tioga-Sequoia growler
A growler of craft beer isn’t a gift for just anyone. For the right person however, Tioga-Sequoia‘s new stainless steel growler will make you a holiday hero. Especially if it’s filled with the brewer’s Rush Hour Breakfast Stout or Tropical IPA. Other new Tioga merch will be available too, including official T-shirts and 5 oz taster goblets.

3. METAL(achi)!!
Read my interview with Metalachi’s trumpeter El Cucuy to get a sense of what this band is all about. Think Spaghetti Western versions of metal classics like “Run Through the Hills,” and “Masters of Puppets.” There may be some Van Halen in the mix, too.
Di60Y Xmas Poster PTII
4. Peeve’s Local Market grand opening
Peeve’s Public House, the coffee shop/bisto/bar on the Fulton Mall, has quickly established itself as the go-to hangout for downtown dwellers. Now, the second part of owner Craig Scharton’s vision for the business is coming to fruition, with the opening of Peeve’s Local Market. The store will be a mini-version of the indoor farmer’s market Scharton has been pitching for years, and will serve as a hub for Central Valley products — produce (urban-grown fruits and veggies, CSA boxes, local milk and ice-cream), literature, music albums, beverages and more.

5. Di60Y Xmas show
Di60Y is shorthand for the video/podcast/blog site Dead in 60 Years. This is the group’s multi- and/or non-denominational holiday show (from the looks of the flier, at least). W/Gentle Jamie (who made good on his word to change his name from Cockamamie Jamie), Actress and NoGenre.

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