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Responses to "Does Megan Fox’s new ad make you want to buy underwear?"

Mike Oz says:

Ummmm … Yes …. to whatever the question was.

Heather says:

I’d rather see her than Victoria Beckham.

lame says:

What was the question?

mdub420 says:

i just put on my thong right now.

james says:

Underwear? I thought these were ads for socks.

John says:

No. These ads give me pause. Apparently, judging by Megan’s vacuous expression, Armani products remove all ability for you to form a facial expression, or, for that matter, remain in possession of your immortal soul. I’ll pass.

559rell says:

Yes. I’ll have one Megan Fox, please.

Marisa says:

Well, the middle picture does, but I’m assured 1 of 2 things will happen:

1) I will try that outfit on and immediately schedule my “Heidi” plastic surgery makeover in between my choking sobs of sad desperation. (ei: I need to change EVERYTHING!)

2) I will actually look good in that outfit, get to the register, realize I don’t have $10,000 for a designer bra & pantie set no one will even get to see and then want to go kill myself.

Guess I’m still on the fence.