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This interview subject crawled into my lap

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It wasn’t your usual celebrity interview. Nick crawled into my lap. Then I rubbed her belly.

How could I resist?

In honor of the River City Theatre Company production of “Annie” at the Reedley Opera House, I decided to devote the full glory of the 7 arts section to Nick Johnson, the amiable Goldendoodle who plays Sandy. She — yes, Nick is a she, so get used to it, “Duck Dynasty” fans — graciously sat down (at my feet) for an interview at the home of her besotted human companion, Karan Johnson, who is known for her acting and directing for Good Company Players. I learned all sorts of fun things about Nick, including her favorite kind of liver treats, and what her secret “go potty” phrase is. (It is very funny, but out of respect for the American political process I decided to leave it out of my story. If you really want to know, send me an email and I’ll tell you.)

In honor of my interview with Nick, I decided to post a bunch of cute photos of her. Consider it my early Christmas present to you.











And, if you’ve made it this far in terms of dog-cuteness overload, let me introduce you to the prettiest poodle puppy I know: my own Tillie. (She’s named for “Matilda,” my favorite Broadway musical of the year.) She’s looking forward to her first Christmas.









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Responses to "This interview subject crawled into my lap"

Karan Johnson says:

What a cute story, Donald! Nick really liked it.

Elaine Carter says:

Thank you, Donald, for the lovely story but also for the photos of you and Shane with Tillie! She is beautiful and adopted by a great family!

Denise Norwood says:

Thank you for one of the wittiest pieces ever, and for this utterly charming postscript. Merry Christmas!

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