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People’s Choice: You rate the dresses

Award season kicked off last night with the People’s Choice Awards. I never really care as much about who wins as I do about what people wear. The red carpet was filled with calf-length and super short-short sparkly dresses. Here are 20 little dresses from last night’s show. You rate the look. (My pick for best is Dania Ramirez and worst is Katie Cassidy.)

No. 1: Hayley Williams


No. 2: Sandra Bullock


No. 3: Lea Michele


No. 4: Alyson Hannigan


No. 5: Ginnifer Goodwin


No. 6: Diane Kruger


No. 7: Kaley Cuoco


No. 8:Olivia Wilde


No. 9: Carrie Underwood


No. 10: Taylor Swift


No. 11:Jessica Alba


No. 12:Victoria Asher


No. 13: Colbie Caillat


No. 14: Paula Patton


No. 15: Dianna Agron


No. 16: Katie Cassidy


No. 17: Dania Ramirez


No. 18: Francia Raisa


No. 19: Nicole Scherzinger


No. 20: Mary J. Blige


Responses to "People’s Choice: You rate the dresses"

jasonjfarris says:

best No. 5: Ginnifer Goodwin

worst No. 9: Carrie Underwood

Debi says:

It doesn’t appear anyone had the complete package going on, or remembered to tend to their hair… so I broke it down.

Best Dress: No. 13: Colbie Caillat (I love orange)

Best Shoes: No. 6: Diane Kruger

Best Hair: No. 20: Mary J. Blige

Worst No. 12: Victoria Asher
WHAT was she thinking?

Heather says:

Olivia Wilde’s dress is great. What’s the deal with too tight (Diane Kruger) and too short (Alba)? Is this a trend now?

Stephen says:

How did Victoria Asher sit down?!?

Nicole Sherzinger’s is sexy.

Sandra Bullock classy, total package.

Katie Cassidy is wearing a $50 dollar Project Runway disaster.

Debi is so right: Where is Alyson Hannigan’s classy hairstyle to match the dress?

And the biggest question: Who ARE these people?!?

Jamie says:

Best: Dania Ramirez, Lea Michele

Worst: Hayley Williams, Victoria Asher, Ginnifer Goodwin

Debi says:

Sandra’s dress would look better if it wasn’t too big for her.

ed says:

olivia wilde’s is the bestest.

Smokey Behr says:

Best: Jessica Alba

Worst: Hayley Williams

Special “WTF, Over” Award to Victoria Asher

Special Recycling Award to Taylor Swift (It looks like the same dress you wore at the Grammies and in your Rock Band commercial, dear.)

Special Bjork Award for weird crap on the dress to Katie Cassidy

The “I can still fit into my prom dress” Award to Alyson Hannigan

The “I borrowed this from my little sister” award to Dianna Agron

The “I couldn’t afford a dress with more fabric” award to Nicole Scherzinger

Kristy says:

completly agree with you Smokey about the Alyson Hannigan dress. I think we have all seen that one a billion times.

LOVED the Diane Kruger dress. I think its HERVE LEGER and they make the dresses skin tight. Hated no 12 victoria Asher yuck!

Razzies nominated ” New Moon ” and Sandra Bullock for worst mobie of 2009. I absolutely don’t agree and wonder how they judge that?

gracie! says:

Seriously? Hayley Williams
was totallyu the best!